26 February 2015

Duck and Waffle - restaurant review

Duck and waffle has to be the second worst-kept, best secret in London. (The first is obviously MI6 - even I knew the game was up as soon as the head office of British intelligence was announced over automated bus tannoys...). Glorious views, never ending flat whites and oozy brunch eggs whilst hanging out in the clouds.

Duck and Waffle - restaurant review
Just that view - and it's not even the really pretty side...

With a weekend waiting list as long as your arm despite being open 24 hours a day (though there is scientific proof that 7am on a Sunday morning in the capital doesn't actually exist, usually due to excesses the evening before) when offered a table at fairly short notice it's impossible to say no, so say yes Kara, Kelly, Sam and Mina and I did indeed.

24 February 2015

Bacon & Egg Toast Bowl Recipe - Brunch in 20 minutes

I managed to astonish my better half (aka Mr Kiwi) this weekend. Upon waking to the smell of coffee brewing, he found me busily messing up the kitchen, apron on and rustling up a delicious smelling brunch. Not only was I awake before my traditionally late hour (a luxury I allow myself once a week), but food was being prepared. In our kitchen. There were no plans to dash out and meet the girls for a coffee, no crazy London landmarks to abseil (though I did manage to fit an incredible visit to Neasden Temple later) and no blogging to do.

Bacon & Egg Toast Bowl Recipe - Brunch in under 20 minutes
His: Bacon & Egg with a brown sauce base - served with a vat of baked beans and an 'I love football' mug of coffee.

We have a perfectly nice kitchen, it just suffers from what I call 'London Under Use Syndrome". With a lovely south facing double window and steps leading onto the jungle that we like to affectionally call the lawn (another of my domestic failings - I'm not really a growing things kinda gal unless you count trees - which somehow manage to keep growing despite my best efforts) it should really be the hub of our domestic life. It isn't.

23 February 2015

Neasden Temple - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

With the exotic spice of incense, a bevy of beautiful Hindu gods playing instruments along the filigree walls of Neasden Temple welcomes visitors down an unassuming North London residential street, to a slice of India.
humble tribute to the inexpressible beauty, majesty and glory of the Divine - See more at: http://londonmandir.baps.org/the-mandir/#sthash.q0QgrIPO.dpuf

Neasden Temple - BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Tucked in amongst terraces of British semi-detatched two-up two-downs, the Neasden Temple rises like a beacon amongst steady red brick and aluminum windows. It is utterly beautiful, and even more so in consideration of the surprising setting - just look.

20 February 2015

Friday figments and photos: London life lately

I adore phography, but at the moment it isn't loving me. Having travelled and blogged for a couple of years now with just my phone - I blame Orlando airport's comfortable tables, so comfortable you leave your belongings there as if it was your own home - over Christmas I finally got a new camera. Bought after a lot of procrastinating (even I'm not sure why) I put some of the money from the sponsored posts lately straight back into my favourite hobby.

Friday figments and photos: London life lately

It's not a DSLR as I can't face lugging one around, but a wee compact that slips easily into a small bag and takes pretty stonking pictures in lowlight (perfect for moodily lit restaurant interiors). The only trouble is that I'm in that awful middle ground with it - I know what I want, just not how to do it