4 May 2016

Rock and roll, quirky art and cherry cocktails - Duke of York Square

Living in a city as large and sprawling as London (really it's an amalgamation of long-ago villages that have merged into the tube map) you often find yourself skipping over suburbs unintentionally for lengths of time, only to rediscover them leaving you wondering why you ever left them out.

Lately I've found myself gravitating to Kensington and Chelsea (it was Shoreditch for awhile - to the point that my husband accused me of becoming a hipster and my accent altering towards Clapham for an age - more easily explained by antipodean brunches). I'm usually lured to the beautiful streets for the art and architecture exhibitions at one of the museums, via Instagram shots of stunning Mews' or just to walk through the beautiful parks.

Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Duke of York Square Adventures of a London Kiwi
Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Taschen and Manicomio Chelsea but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own (and my love for Taschen has been years in the formation)

And this is no hyperbole - in the course of 3 weeks I visited for a ladies dinner near Gloucester Road, surprised my husband by taking him to the Saatchi Gallery (before nipping to The Ritz for dinner), took in a dim sum and wine date at Harrods, sipped a glass of wine or two in our favourite bar, wandered through the beautiful V&A Museum (my favourite place in London ever), meandered through Hyde Park in the sunshine, enjoyed a blogger night out learning more about Taschen and Manicomio and a fair few coffee dates between rambles.

2 May 2016

10 life lessons Instagram has taught me

Ok, ok, that's a little misleading really. Maybe instead the title should read 'People who I stalk occasionally via the pictorial medium of instagram especially when I'm blue or have 5 minutes to spare'. Or perhaps 'Friends who inspire me with envy'. Maybe even 'How to find beauty everywhere at the click of a smartphone.' (Definitely another of the #travelbloggerproblems - in the theme of this month's linkup)

Instagram @londonkiwiemma Adventures of a London Kiwi

I just wish this little roundup could be 1,000 people (but that might just give everyone RSI), each and every 'grammer who puts a smile on my miserly grimace. In the meantime, how about some of my favourite people whose instagrams have me returning again and again to revel in forever captured moments of joy?

30 April 2016

Travel Blogger Problems - May #travellinkup

Once upon a time (because all the very best tales begin that way) there was a bloke who lived in London. He lived a fairly simple, content life circulating between home, office and pub, with the occasional bout of inflatable fish waving & singing at the antics of several blokes chasing a small ball around a rectangular grass patch. (In Ye Olde Englande this past time is called Foot Ball which mostly consists of fellas falling over, TVs being shouted at and the occasional private tear.)

Must. Get. Photo. Of. Chandelier.

Things changed when this lad decided to chat up a foreign bar wench who served 'one of the best pints in town' (he never realised that she quietly grimaced at the hooligan antics of him and his friends.) One thing led to another which led to Wedding bells and a small Tabby cat invisibly meowing pitifully at him from a Harry-Potter style hall-cupboard at the pre-dawn hour of 4am.

29 April 2016

Friday figments and photos: Snow, tea and cocktails.

As you get older, they say that time speeds up.

Adventures of a London Kiwi

Adventures of a London Kiwi

With another fortnight positively flying past I can't help but regretfully agree.