27 June 2016

Our favourite places to eat in Budapest

Climbing the hills (top tip: avoid the furnicular, the hour long queue isn't worth it), wandering through twisting lanes and floating in the thermal spas will definitely make you hungry in Hungary. (sorrynotsorry). In a similar vein to Berlin and Prague, I just assumed tables would be laden with dumpling studded hearty goulashes laced with paprika - perfect for winters of ice skating from one side of the Danube to the other - tankards of beer and stuffed cabbage leaves that comfort your heart somehow.

Where to eat and drink Budapest Hungary Adventures of a London Kiwi
Where to eat and drink Budapest Hungary Adventures of a London Kiwi

So over our 3 day girl's weekend in Budapest with very little planning on my part, and a fair amount more on Sam's part (that went slightly awry on Sunday with may of the restaurants sadly closing too early) we enjoyed a real variety of ice cream places that we stumbled upon - a mixure of quirky buildings, delicious ingredients and fascinating stories.

25 June 2016

Thoughts on a small island and a touch of brexit

Yesterday could have been one of the most momentous moments in history that I will ever personally experience. Then again, with usual British spirit, it could simply hearken a new chapter in the story of a mighty nation that has weathered so many other incredible changes.

Thoughts on a small island #brexit
Thoughts on a small island #brexit

We can't get away from the confusion and uncertainty pealing across every kind of media in the UK, the news has spread across the four corners of the globe and has been discussed over every water cooler and tea point in the 4 countries it directly affects.

But, this is democracy in action. We are lucky to be able to have these choices.

24 June 2016

Friday figments and photos: Rainy Summer Daze

During the course of this week we accidentally got lost in a forest, snuggled under the duvet and experienced more rumbling thunder and lightening (very, very frightening!) than in winter...

... cursed the unrelenting rain, sipped a glass of colour palette pleasing Rose admist lovely company...

22 June 2016

When lost in a Buckinghamshire forest there are a few things to remember...

The other day we hopped on the train out to our favourite close-to-London village. Originally we had intended to skip clear to the other side of the river and go down south aways, but a very lazy start put the kibosh on our best laid plans. Instead we ended up north west in Denham Village, Buckinghamshire, and sodden with mud.

Lost in Denham Forest Buckinghamshire Adventures of a London Kiwi
Lost in Denham Forest Buckinghamshire Adventures of a London Kiwi

In a hamlet full of quaint cottages, a plethora of pubs around a quintessential village green and the tolling bell of the local church, Denham Village is - a bloggers favourite discovery - a genuinely hidden gem. Friends years ago introduced us to this sleepy little place, and we've returned time after time. We're talking Saturday afternoons in the sunshine, BBQs on the canal, riotous dinners and countless football disappointments.