24 August 2016

Pan Chai, luxurious sushi in Harrods

As little Kiwi kid, my parents taught my siblings and I to leave the tastiest part of our dinners until last. They wisely figured out that we'd otherwise leave behind the healthiest part of our meals in favour of filling up on tastier forkfuls.

Even now as an "adult" (no-one I know can possible claim that title in full and without air quotations) this thinking is ingrained in the way that I eat. Exotic meat, freshly caught battered oysters, Brussel sprouts (yeah, I was weird but you've never tasted my Mum's). The only problem we found with our afternoon at Pan Chai recently, was that everything was so delicious that deciding what to leave for last (and best) was almost impossible.

Pan Chai Luxury Sushi Harrods Adventures of a London KiwiDisclaimer: We were invited guests of Pan Chai but all of my very, very many thoughts (and rambling childhood memories) are only ever my own... 

Found in Harrod's famous food court opposite sister restaurant Mango Tree, after I wandered halfway through London (realising I had an hour and 10 minutes rather than a panicked 10 minutes to make my way over) my globetrotting, sushi loving lunch date Sam and I made our way through the labyrinthine halls of the shopping mecca.

22 August 2016

10 things you have to do on a Munich summer break

The Bavarian state has been on our wanderlust list for an age. Bordering Liechtenstein, Austria and the Czech Republic, and complete with Alpine mountains, infamous beer halls, fairytale castles, an outrageously fun national costume and an accent other Germans find difficult to understand, we knew that a trip needed to be booked in to this quirky city.

10 things you have to do on a Munich summer break
10 things you have to do on a Munich summer break

Reassured that 3 days would be plenty to get a taste of Munich life especially when the Christmas markets are on, we conversely decided to book a week long stay at the height of summer, avoiding the crowds that turn up to Oktoberfest (last year they think 7.5 million revelers turned up to the city - no thanks...) for something a little different. I think as a blogger I'm obliged to use the label #slowtravel but in all honestly we just didn't want to be rushed.

20 August 2016

Eating & drinking in Bordeaux

Bordeaux seems to be going through a renaissance. 10 years ago it seemed to be a grimy port town that people knew of mostly for the ruby red elixir that makes the town infamous. With a mayor who realised the tourist cash they were missing out on, he set about rejuvenating the city and promoting Bordeaux as a destination within its own right.

Where to eat and drink in Bordeaux France Adventures of a London Kiwi

In my limited experience of the world, I feel it's safe to say that the French live, breathe, eat and drink. And possibly not in that order of importance. Following that train of thought, it would be a little remiss to blog about the lovely Bordeaux, and omit sharing our favourite places that we imbibed. As a tourist armed with the internet, I can't pretend to be any kind of authority, but after 4+ years of blogging and calling myself a foodie I do know what I like.

17 August 2016

Gallery Mess - a romantic meal in Chelsea

When you have been married for a long time, it's so easy so slip into a humdrum routine of chores, bickering about what TV Channel to watch and what to have for dinner. It usually ends in our house with "I picked last time", "No, I picked last time". "Damn."

It go to such a point 6 months ago, that I crossed  fortnightly Thursday evenings ou as date night, scoured Pinterest for interesting ideas (like a jar full of suggestions that you pick out at random) and full of enthusiasm we did a few things; a picnic in the park, went for dinner and a movie, even managed a night of ten pin bowling. This lasted for about a month before we found ourselves rearranging it for other plans, and never quite actually getting around to spending that time together.

Gallery Mess Restaurant Review Adventures of a London Kiwi

 Disclaimer: We dined partially as guests of Gallery Mess but all of my very, very many thoughts are only ever my own...

When we visited Gallery Mess, I managed to leave my blogger tools at home (either of my cameras would have been helpful) so relying heavily upon our wedding vows of "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse" - because internet-based distress is a thing, right? - and our phone cameras, we found ourselves in settling into an evening of summer sunshine, right on the edge of Duke of York Square in Chelsea.