13 February 2016

Dubai - where desert sands reflect onto skyscraper silhouettes

Dubai, the up & coming city state in a constant state of engineering flux, where petrol is so cheap locals barely bother to walk, where the Uber options include helicopters and the desert sands reflect onto towering skyscraper silhouettes.

I have to be completely honest insofar as for a variety of silly reasons Dubai never popped up on our wanderlust lists. If it wasn't for several transits on our way to New Zealand, my European history adoring self wouldn't have found my interest piqued, and my America adoring husband may not have considered it, preferring a Los Angeles visit instead.

This was dumb.

What to do in Dubai Adventures of a London Kiwi

What to do in Dubai Adventures of a London Kiwi

We didn't really have many expectations, and apart from a touch of research on Pinterest (and a few Twitter recommendations - check out My Custard Pie and FoodieDiaries who are veritable fountains of knowledge) we entered the country hoping to have a drink in the worlds tallest building, pop out to the desert dunes and skip over to nearby Abu Dhabi for a night to catch up with friends and family living expat life. Anything else was a bonus.

9 February 2016

15 rainy day ideas when you're in a strange city

It's happened to all of us. After months dreaming of sunlit idylls, the weather gods let you down and allow a storm to bucket down torrents of icy rain. You have no car to hand or destination in mind (having planned a city-centre stay close to where all the tours leave from) and can't bear the thought of being hemmed in at a vaguely interesting museum amongst frazzled kids.

15 things to do a strange city when it rains Adventures of a London Kiwi

15 things to do a strange city when it rains Adventures of a London Kiwi

This happened to us the day before New Years Eve. Ironically we had planned a ferry trip across Auckland harbour and hike to a volcano crater (the most organised physical, outdoors activity we fancied on our trip) and the heavens opened. Perusing the cinema listings, we didn't really fancy watching any thing there, so thought up a few amusing alternatives.

7 February 2016

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

We drifted silently through a pitch black cave on a boat we hadn't seen except for swift flashes of a torch. One by one as the luminescent cave dwellers winked on, the ceiling began to resemble a galaxy of twinkling stars. Still sat with arms clutched tightly and our necks craned as we tried to adsorb the moment, floating along a 30 million year old subterranean limestone grotto. 

Daytrips from Auckland Waitomo Glowworm Caves New Zealand

Our escort hand pulled us along the cave river, feeling her way along with a guide line mounted just above head level, calling out softly at one point, laughingly to a fellow guide who decided to take a strange shortcut.

5 February 2016

Friday figments and photos: January pubs and puds

Begone ye cold wintry winds of January, fare thee well Jack Frost. Avast ye spring blossoms and jewel-hued sunrises!

Wooo! Ah, er. Yeah. Sorry. Not quite sure what got into me there.

Winchester Cathedral Adventures of a London Kiwi

Actually, yes I do, it's reading all the Travel Linkup declarations of love this month. Who would have thought you lot are such dewey-eyed romantics. We are adoring every word. (Ps. there's still time to linkup - we want to know what you adore. It could be a love letter to your favourite city, a special someone, baby wild dolphins, a flavour you can't live without or well, anything. Feel free to let those creative passions flow...)

Winchester Cathedral Adventures of a London Kiwi

This week has been rather nicely off the cuff. The boy shot up north so I had a lazy Saturday and a Sunday mooching around Winchester with some lovely company.