3 December 2016

Festive Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel, Marylebone

What is it that’s so special about afternoon tea? It’s only a few little sandwiches and a couple of teeny cakes, right?

Nope, nope, nope.

Luxury Festive Afternoon Tea Langham Hotel Adventures of a London Kiwi
Luxury Festive Afternoon Tea Langham Hotel Adventures of a London Kiwi
Disclaimer: We were invited guests of The Langham Hotel but my (very many) thoughts are only ever my own.

It’s the act of taking a little time out of our busy lives and setting aside a few hours of pure opulence - from taking a simple cream tea in local vintage café to a special afternoon of grand sumptuousness worthy of a princess. Admittedly of late, they haven’t featured so strongly in my calendar (I think even I got a little overwhelmed with them after devising my afternoon tea golden rules) but they definitively have a special place in my heart.

1 December 2016

11 things I hate about Christmas and the festive season

As time has gone by I've discovered an inner festive-elf that delights in fairy-lights, delves into the Christmas decoration box as soon as humanly possible (I'm usually only allowed to start putting them up on the 1st of December by my Grinch, and that's only once we've listened to "Lonely This Christmas" by Mud) and revel in the new and old traditions that we've established over the years - especially the picking up of Christmas ornaments as we traipse to different cities. Amongst the branches hang miniature dutch clogs, an Irish fairy, teeny Kiwis, Football baubles and a German angel who crowns our decorations with a fair few others.

11 things I hate about Christmas and the festive season

But, I was never a Christmas fan. There, I said it. When I was a teenager I’d go out with friends on Christmas Eve celebrating the season (a bit overmuch to be honest) and Christmas Day would be a bit of a struggle, especially when my hyper excited family would bounce on my bed at 6am - a crazy thing to do even at the best of times. #Bahhumbug

29 November 2016

Writing, the drug that no-one warns you about

What never happens in all of the '10 tips to start a blog' posts is a warning about how expressing yourself via the medium of word-arranging is dangerous. Your bank account, personal safety (think photographing at the edge of cliffs) and emotional well-being are all affected in ways that no-one really talks about.

It's that saying "ignorance is bliss". Well, I used to be content with my ignorance. I blissed out over lots of TV, traipsed to and from the concrete jungle without much thought and fitted in a holiday or two when I could. Now, now every action has a tale somewhere narrated in my head, every moment can be framed in the golden section and rule of thirds (with bonus points for a square setting) and enough sometimes simply isn’t enough.

26 November 2016

Duke of York Square Christmas Fun in Chelsea

Coming back from unusually warm and sunny weather on holiday in the US (lovely enough to swim in outdoor pools) to the cold streets of London was rather disheartening except that we planned it so we would arrive just in time for the Christmas lights to go up over England.

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Duke of York Square and my (very many) opinions are only ever my own.

Almost everywhere you go (spot those carol lyrics) the trees and lanes of London are twinkling gently as each area of the city lofts their take on the festive season. Some of our favourite areas are the titans of seasonal decoration – Oxford Street, Marylebone, Regent Street and along the more exclusive Mayfair Streets – but it is the smaller, more intimate squares that often surprise and delight merrymakers the most.