29 July 2015

Elegance & Italian flavour - Avista Restaurant Review

Nestled on the south edge of Grosvenor Square, Avista Restaurant has an impressive Mayfair facade but a kitchen full of incredible Italian flavour. In my travels I've learned that Avista is derived from the root word "vista," meaning a "distant view or perspective; an extensive mental view as over a stretch of time or a series of events." In Italian, it translates directly to 'at sight' and I can definitely confirm that I'm ever so slightly in love, even from the first sip.

Avista Restaurant Review Mayfair London

Shaking off a wet week and handing our coats to the smiling staff, our Italian feast began beautifully with a glass of bubbles - as the best things often do in a 4-star hotel - and a selection of aperitifs. Savoury meringues sandwiched cheekily with a lightly creamed goat's cheese, an intriguing whisper of crackle that I thoroughly enjoyed crunching and slivers of aubergine air dried with honey that melted on the tongue.

27 July 2015

A cure for London-itis; stop, breathe and Listen

I think I have an adventure itch. Our generation always seem to be chasing the end of a rainbow, whether it be travel, career, relationship or that one perfect meal. Maybe it's because our heads have been filled with the dreams of Hollywood; an idealised cornucopia of a world where you can have everything; glamour, stability and dahling ah-mazing cultural experiences.

I think I've been experiencing the hangry equivalent of being cooped up. It's been six weeks since our last slightly madcap adventure in New Zealand and Los Angeles but despite a couple of day trips out of London, we haven't yet got any longer time fun inked in the diary. It isn't for want of thinking and planning, but simply pushing that 'go' key. Really, it is ridiculous - see what I mean about our generation? Enough isn't as good as a feast.

It could also be a touch of London-itis. Every so often the busyness becomes too much, the fast pace machinations becomes soul-sapping and the culture a tough egg to crack. This happens sometimes living in the fastest old city in the world, and based on years of expat life all we need is a day or two to listen to a brook bubbling contentedly, a moment of soul quiet seated on a country church stone pew or an afternoon lazing in the sunshine.

25 July 2015

5 Day trips from Christchurch, New Zealand

Once you have had your fill of exploring Christchurch (and drinking the cracking coffee) there are 5 places you have to make a day trip of whilst at the tip of the South Island.

Tranzalpine journey from Christchurch to Greymouth.

Crowning the list is one of the top railway journeys in the world - the Tranzalpine journey from Christchurch to Greymouth.

24 July 2015

Late July: Friday figments and photos

Busy, busy, busy. This week has simply been a cornucopia of busy deliciousness.