25 July 2016

Middle and Inner Temple Inns; a touch of bewigged architecture

Old buildings are my favourite. Forget the souless glass sheathes of modern day architecture, gleaming constructions punctuated with steel and plastics that can think. I ♥ creaky wooden floors with patinas of long since gone families living their lives over drunken levels, I ♥ the beauty of wattle and daub walls keeping the weather away, I ♥ the stories of love, loss and challenge conquered by people of yesteryear.

 London Secrets Middle and Inner Temple Inns Adventures of a London Kiwi

At our wedding, the vicar asked us to stop for a moment and consider the wealth of emotion contained within the 11th Century Saxon tower we were standing under. It's probably ridiculously fanciful, but it was one of the most memorable phrases that have stayed with me over the years.

23 July 2016

Blogging style

Ever get that feeling that you’re not normal, that your rhythm is just slightly out of sync with the rest of the world? All my life I’ve been different, a round peg in a square hole as it were. Some days it's easy to revel in; a feeling of individuality and uniqueness that can’t be dimmed; and at other times it feels decidedly outsider-ish, like you can’t fit in because you simply see the other side of the argument.

Every so often I take a breather and look back on the crazy, wonderful world of blogging that I seem enmeshed in. It is brilliant. An excuse to see the world, drink coffee over laughter, indulge in all kinds of random whims (over the years they have numbered amongst door knockers, toast, herding sheep, luxury hotel stays, setting fire to food - aka Teppenyaki, go Nursery Rhyme Church hunting, indulge in whimsy and wander way too often.

Friday figments and photos:

Throughout our mini-heatwave this week (we've gone from rain and thunderstorms to face-melting temperatures that London transport can't cope with) our thoughts have been all scattered.

From world events, to the smile of a baby.

20 July 2016

Mango Tree, Belgravia Restaurant Review

"Phillip, Phillip dear, shall we have Thai for dinner tonight? Perhaps the duck and pineapple curry and some of that lovely jasmine rice"

"Unfortunately darling cabbage, I'm off down the club later with a few of the lads."

"Oh. Yes. I had noticed that your smoking jacket had been laid out. Well, maybe I'll just take the Corgi's and Dorgi's out to stretch their little legs quickly. A lap around the ornamental lake, and then over the road to... oh goodness, what's the name of that delightful place with the live trio. Oh, Mango Tree. Yes. Wait, actually, I need a G&T, Antiques Roadshow is about to come on - I bet they find something of Aunt Margaret's again.

"OOh, Antiques Roadshow? Let's just send one of the footmen over... now did someone say G&T?"

*end dream sequence* 

Mango Tree Restaurant Review Belgravia Adventures of a London Kiwi
Disclaimer: We were again invited guests of Mango Tree but all of my very, very many thoughts are only ever my own - and I have no real idea of what Her Majesty's favourite local Thai restaurant is - but I do have my suspicions... 

A few minutes walk from Victoria Station, a temple to Thai fragrances and flavour sits in amongst the grand columns of Buckingham Palace Road (and overlooks the rather imposing back fence of Her Majesty's garden).