1 October 2016

3 of the most unique places we have stayed... #travellinkup

Beige walls, a bed with a anonymously hues coverlet, random art on the walls and a TV in the corner. Every hotel in the world has all of the above with changes fractionally appearing as the research gets better and the budget gets increased.

Best Hotel View in the World Tromso North Norway Adventures of a London Kiwi
Thornbury Castle Princesses for a night Adventures of a London Kiwi

But, there are 3 places to rest our weary travellers heads that made so much more of a memory mark. No, not the marble-lined luxury French wine chateau, the London city skyline we didn't want to close our eyes against, our floating hotel or even the Bee terrace at St Ermin's hotel.

29 September 2016

4 ways to keep your skin protected - travel bloggers listen up!

Walk into a New Zealand school, and the first thing you'll notice (bar the frenzied kids screaming around the place) will be posters advocating "Slip, slop, slap." Surprisingly it's not an 80's disco tune, but an Australasian health campaign to protect kids from the ravages of sun damage.

4 ways to keep your skin sun protected Adventures of a London Kiwi
Disclaimer: I was an invited guest of the Cadogan Clinic but all of 
my very, very many thoughts and laboured metaphors are only ever my own...

It is for good reason - the ozone layer protecting delicate Australasian skin from damaging the ever present sun rays has had a hole in it since before I was a child (many, many moons ago) and though changes of behaviour has resulted in this planetary problem reducing, it still means that we face a higher chance of our skin going, well, bad. But, it isn't just us antipodeans who need to think about what we're doing to our skin.

27 September 2016

Where to find the best street art in London

Let's be frank, street art is a little divisive. The point of view from a building owner is often going to be much, much different to that of an everyday wanderer, unless of course it's a commissioned bit of Banksy they can protect under a sheet of plexiglass.

Where to find the best Street Art in East London Adventures of a London KiwiWhere to find the best Street Art in East London Adventures of a London Kiwi

After meaning to go for an age, we joined one of the East London street art tours and our tour guide opened up a whole new universe. The most amazing thing is that every time our guide does the tours, there is something completely new.

25 September 2016

NOPI by Ottolenghi Restaurant Review

I first discovered Yotem Ottolenghi's gourmet empire via the medium of antipodean biscuits. Wandering through Islington one late summer afternoon a few years ago, feeling a little peckish we peeked through the window of a restaurant we were passing and much to our surprise our gazes lit upon a mountain of golden ANZAC biscuits.

ANZAC biscuits were invented by Kiwi and Australian families during war times - the dispelled myth has us thinking the long lasting biscuits (cookies, whatever) were sent to troops fighting overseas, but in reality the buttery, golden syrup infused oaty biscuits, scattered with coconut were sold by families to raise funds for their overseas soldiers.

NOPI by Ottolenghi Restaurant Review Adventures of a London Kiwi

In my heart I knew that any chef who loved our favorite biscuits would be good people.