27 May 2016

Friday figments and photos: Oops I did it again

In the famous lyrics of Britney Spears;

You see my problem is this / I'm dreaming away
Wishing that heroes, they truly exist / I cry, watching the days
Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways
But to lose all my senses / That is just so typically me
Baby, oh

Coffee Adventures of a London KiwiSunset Adventures of a London Kiwi

Well, that and I got rather too carried away with the fun of blogging, and let drift my favourite section of the blogosphere - remembering to journal life as it comes.

25 May 2016

Chelsea in Bloom goes Carnival!

Despite calling myself a Londoner, I still haven't made it to the Chelsea flower show. Despite having green-thumbed in-laws with the prettiest cottage garden in the world (complete with Japanese section), a multitude of tea cups sipped in their local garden center (don't laugh, it's beautiful especially at Christmas) and absolute admiration for how they coax life from winter soil. Despite watching my Dad's tomato plants shoot up through NZ earth through the medium of facebook. Despite copious macro shots of open blooms in Spring glory. Despite... ok, ok, you get the idea.

Chelsea in Bloom Carnival Duke of York Square Adventures of a London Kiwi

Well, this year I still haven't walked those paths. So, instead of trudging home to my lonely blooms the other night, the glorious Clare and I slipped onto the back of a specially commissioned rickshaw and let ourselves be chauffered along the boulevards of Chelsea in Bloom.

23 May 2016

10 reasons YOU should Blog (and why I love mine)

Anyone will tell you that I am the blog world’s biggest cheerleader. As an expat living on the other side of the world to her established friends (and long-suffering family), blogging gave me the impetus to get out of a work>home>work rut and continues to inspire mischief long after the honeymoon period of a new hobby wore off.

Sitting behind a computer kinda changed me. Far from retreating into myself and the unique loneliness that a big city like London can bring, blogging became the last piece to complete my expat puzzle. It took a long time to come about, but it turned me from the quiet mouse who admired outgoing characters into a ballsy adventurer who discovers intriguing things to do that keeps us fascinated with our home city, and discovered a new side to New Zealand.

10 reasons YOU should Blog (and why I love mine)

So, when Dell contacted me to share the passion that I have for blogging and what makes it unique and special as a creative medium, I jumped at the chance. The below is pure Emma prose - and inspiration for the next time blog-guilt strikes and I begin to wonder why I chose such a full-on, indulgent hobby.

21 May 2016

10 London day trips - last-minute and no car required

As reliably as the hands tock around the face of Big Ben, us Britain dwellers get excited about every single bank holiday that the Queen has arranged for us. 'Free' holiday days where pretty well everyone else also has time off, your annual leave allowance isn't compromised and often the sun doesn't shine (I wish her majesty would have a word with the BBC weather team, maybe get the Royal Meterologists to divert the gulf stream for a day or two). In short, freedom.

10 London day trips - last-minute and no car required
Broadstairs Beach

But, sometimes those days seem to creep up (unless you're as crazy as I am - calendar on the wall in January just in time for the year goals linkup, bank holidays marked in pink & annual leave allocation eked out as evenly as possible) and the weekend rolls around where it isn't jam packed with boarding flights, wrestling your way through kids or rolling the dice around a family roast.