5 September 2015

The joy of being "A Creative" type

As a paid up member of the worldwide blogger tribe I can only really speak for myself, but I do look at some of the antics we get up to in the name of our favourite hobby and wryly chuckle with a knowing glint in my eye. (As an aside, how on earth do you wryly chuckle?)

romantic picnic flowers, fresh baguette, pate, hummous, er, camera #bloglife strikes again...

Having more energy than a box full of chickens on energy drinks

The hilarious creation of laboured metaphors

Thinking out of the box & having friends side-eye you (the good ones do it with amused love usually)

Thinking too much

Planning a holiday trip schedule based exclusively on Pinterest finds

2 September 2015

Beany Green, Liverpool Street Brunch review

Sometimes all you want to do is spend a morning in the sunshine with a friend. Living in London definitely has downsides, and one of them is most definitely trying to get a girly date in the diary with less than a month's notice. Sometimes, though sometimes you get a hankering for a gossip, the stars align in an incredible way and after an afternoon of messaging, a golden date appears in the diary for a good old catch up.

We then played the inevitable 'what's central to both of us, and where do we fancy' game (bonus points for each additional player you involve) which was surreptitiously solved by the crew at Beany Green inviting us for a sampling of their bottomless brunch in the Broadgate Circus branch. (Try saying that 10 times in a row).

Spoiler, it was amazing and features a Banana Bread tower, read on.

Beany Green, Liverpool Street London Brunch review

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Beany Green, but my (very many) opinions are only ever my own, and I would never recommend anywhere that I wouldn't happily revisit - in fact I've also frequented their other London branches several times on my own dime.

Tucked unassumingly in a selection of eateries an entire 50 seconds walk from Liverpool Street Station - yes, I timed it - Beany Green is another of those secret discoveries that I never want to share with anyone else (it happened to my Shepherds Bush favourite, and now they have queues out the door sigh). But if I must, this Melbourne-style cafe hidden in a modern edifice is a rather lovely combination of convenient tube line convergence, smiley staff, quirky decor and locality to the creative blogging hipsters of Shoreditch.

31 August 2015

Cambridge, and why it will always have such a special place in my heart - travel linkup

When you’re an expat, surprise marriage proposals often can’t factor into the romance of a relationship – for us it was more of an ‘oh, hey, I know that you didn’t want any serious relationships whilst you were travelling, but we seemed to have ended up in one. Where should we go with it?’ type of discussion.

What to do in Cambridge England

It involves a lot of heart searching, quite monumental decision making and the knowledge that as much as you’ll miss the beaches of your home country, you’ll one day come to enjoy the rain. For me it wasn’t a quick decision, but rather an easy one – not intending to get all smooshy & what have you – sometimes you just find your best friend without intending to, and marriage turns out to be much less scary that you think it will be.

29 August 2015

Cycling through London, and a childhood confession

As a kid I may have been a bit of a hoodlum. I’ve tried to turn my life around since then, but reminders seem to pop up every now and then to haunt me. Take a recent sunny evening after work for instance, there I was minding my own business (angelically obviously) as a message arrived from the always mischievous Amanda, asking me to join her whizzing around London on a bicycle as a guest of Santander (luring us there with the promise of dinner afterwards).

Cycling through London, and a childhood confession
Speeding along so fast I'm a blurrrr!

Cycling through London, and a childhood confession

Guiltily I gulped as memories of how I learned to ride raced before my eyes. It was another sunny afternoon and hanging out in the backyard, my two siblings and I were just whiling away another hazy Saturday afternoon, my new stereo blaring something hardcore (probably Mmmm Bop or Everybody). My sister had been banned from her new bike due to too many misdemeanours (the details now lost in the sands of time) and I had the genius idea of soothing her pain.