27 June 2012

I think the sky is falling. It's certainly raining poetry...

Tonight I learned, as part of my ex-pat experience, that it's really hard to catch twirling poems falling from the sky. As part of the cultural events around the Olympics, a friend of a friend who is part of the Chilean collective Casagrande has organised to drop 10,000 bookmarks over Waterloo, containing an piece poetry from poets selected from each of the countries participating in the Olympic Games.

We nipped out for a wee bite of Dinner then wandered down to the Southbank.
It's a bit blurry, sorry.
It was so much fun seeing everyone dancing, running and diving for the bookmarks as they floated down. It transformed some very serious people into little kids again as they scooped bookmarks from the air. The look on everyone’s faces – including my friends was priceless as we caught them.

The helicopter had problems to start with, but managed to adjust to the wind & direction. We managed to catch a few and my favourite is below. I have a confession to make, I lost the actual poem & who it was by, but it is beautiful.

Todays workout; 30 minute walk from work to our meeting place for dinner, 20 minutes twisting, jumping, laughing = toning?

Have you ever written poetry? I have, and it was terrible - I was an angsty teenager, with no real trouble.

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