28 June 2012

Summer fun

Yes, you read that correctly - it now feels like summer. The last few days here have been pretty good, and our 28’ day today was amazing once we got away from our desks – sunshine, with a bit of a breeze - so we decided to get out our BBQ for the first time this year and fire it up.

As a totally unexpected bonus, my box of New Zealand beer arrived which I immediately opened & popped a few in the freezer to chill down whilst prepping our dinner. I can’t tell you how excited I was – a taste of Summer, on a hot Summers day!

Everything fell into place - our groceries came bang on time – 7.03 for their delivery slot of 7pm-9pm (well played grocery company - they must heard about our plans!) so hubby picked up charcoal whilst I put it away (aaah, domestic bliss). We pulled out a couple of sirloin steaks out & marinated them with Garlic and Worcestershire Sauce, accompanied by all the vege we fancied – Portobello Mushrooms, Sweet & Red Peppers, Courgettes and Cherry Tomatoes drizzled with a touch of Olive Oil.

Oh, me, oh my.
We sat outside in the sunshine, eating, drinking, catching up. It was lovely – my favourite day this summer so far. We were even joined by the wee beast, though I’m not sure if if was our company that she was there for, so much as the juicy steak she could smell.

We even planned to cook way too much so we would vege in our salads tomorrow – yum!
We always laugh about BBQ – it’s almost perfect food; slightly charred, healthy, great accompaniment to a beer or two, hubby gets to place with fire, and there is so little cleaning up. We always send a little laughing thanks to the caveman who first discovered that burning your meat improves the flavour.

Todays workout: Rest day.

Are you getting that summer feeling yet?

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