11 July 2012

Race for Life - 5k

Ever since I’ve lived in the UK, around Spring, signs go up for various 5k and 10k races, all raising money for charity, and I’ve harboured a secret wish to be able to complete one without passing out at the end.

So, as one of my mini-fitness goals I booked myself and a willing victim friend in for a 5k, with the intention of running at least half of it, and training properly for it. (My next mini-goal is to walk up Big Ben in August – 340 steps).

We also decided to enter the Race for Life as I have several close family member who have been affected by Cancer over the years, most recently my Sister-In-Law’s sister is just finishing Chemo for Breast Cancer, so it is something very close to my heart.

Now, I’ve always been ‘OK’ fit, we often walk  for hours on holiday and whilst shopping, but to actually enter into an organised race, where people can see me in all my schweaty glory, and moreover tell people that I’m doing it, was massive for me. I even texted my old boss (maybe I would have raised more money if I hadn’t teased him about Ireland losing the Rugby before I asked for a donation!?) Bless him, he sponsored me anyway!

The weather wasn't exactly ideal, going from:


... to raining so hard we couldn't see.

Ah, well, off we trotted!


Can you believe it? We certainly couldn’t! We were unable to run it due to the monsoon conditions, which meant we were unable to see for the first couple of kms, then had to dodge the boggy muddy aftermath the rest of the way.

These ladies had the right idea, wellies...

Todays Workout: a 5km Mud slog with the added bonus of a 101 in 1001 goal completed.

What are your goals - do you prefer to set short distance goals, or long-range?

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