9 July 2012

Teppenyaki at Sen Nin

We love sampling new cuisines so when an offer for Sen Nin popped up in my inbox for a Teppenyaki meal, we corralled a couple of friends and booked straight on in. Whilst in Japan on holiday in January (what an amazing place!) we tried Yakiniku which you sit around a table (we were in the suburbs, at a table not meant for our Western legs!), but this Teppenyaki experience was the full deal.

We loved it – it was scrumptious and entertaining, our chef Ballam taking great delight playing with his knives, setting fire to the plate, throwing food at us, then preparing our feast.
We started off with Sake cocktails (Mango or Cranberry), Miso Soup, and a Chefs Selection of California Rolls, shortly followed by crisp Tempura Vegetables whilst the hot plate heated.
This photo does no justice to the flavour...

I’m not going to spoil the egg routine, but we were howling with laughter by the end of it, and it wasn’t just the Plum Wine (oh how I love thee). Swiftly followed our main – Calamari for me, Chicken Breast for Hubby, Egg-fried rice and Stir-Fried vegetables. They even ask you how much garlic, butter and seasoning you like on your dinner. We finished with Strawberry Cheesecake & more Plum Wine.
What more could you want?

Todays Workout: Belly Laughing & Catching flying eggs - both of which I assure you is great for toning.

Have you tried Teppenyaki? Attempted the tricks they use?

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