23 August 2012

Best of British Foodie Penpals

I've been participating in Foodie Penpals for awhile, and one month I hooked up with a lovely American lass, and we swapped directly.

It was surprising hard to narrow down all the scrummy Best of British stuff (the sweet variety), into a box small enough not to cost the earth, as it was travelling a third of the way around it. What I came up with;

  • Frank Coopers Marmadale - because my Penpal is a Marmalade nut, and I'm told that Frank Coopers is (to borrow an American phrase) "the Jam".
  • Earl Grey Tea bags - the epitomy of Englishness is drinking Tea so I couldn't resist - and she loved them, saying that they had a 'brightness' of flavour that she hadn't had from American tea. They also had a kitsch Union Jack packaging I couldn't help loving
  • Boiled sweets - before I came to England and discovered Sherbet Lemons & Chocolate Limes I wasn't all that bothered about sweets (aka. Lollies for my Kiwi readers) but these are amazing - we even had Chocolate Limes in our Wedding Favours, paired with Minties! I sent a real variety; Pear Drops, Rhubarb & Custars, Cola Cubes (so addictive), Chocolate Limes, Sherbert Lemons and a couple of others
  • M&S Milk Chocolate Rounds - have you tried these? Resist them, I dare you!
  • Lindt - ok, not English but divine nonetheless. I was only disappointed that I couldn't find their Creme Brulee Chocolate.
  • Butter Shortbread draped in Olympic Finery
  • Homemade Double Chocolate Chip Biscuits (not pictured)
She loved it which was really sweet!!

Todays workout: 30minutes powerwalking, 15 minutes running, 10 minutes Stairmachine. It felt so gooooooood

What are your favourites that you would have added?

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