22 August 2012

Gym guilt

I've not been to the Gym for nearly two weeks. There, I said it, I've come clean to the world. Instead we have been out and about, or simply doing nothing (though I think we clocked up a few points on our wander up Big Ben & around Buckingham Palace!)

I have been trying to get more mini-excercise in my day though; running other peoples errands (genuinely - my boss loves me right now), walking across the room to speak to someone instead of yelling, getting off two bus stops early and stairs. Oh the stairs I have been running - one day I counted 12 flights of stairs not including running up and down the office ones. My subconcious decided I needed to get on the Northbound Tube line instead of the Southbound, and because of it I ended up in a station that seemed to solely consist of stairs.

I'm also trying to make a consistent effort to not just wander, but to put a little Ooomph into my step, trying to beat my personal best times for walking and from work. I've also found myself 'racing' other commuters. It sounds mad, but it's quite fun, and I'm sure they are totally oblivious to it... at least I hope they are!

On your marks commuters...
Tomorrow we are going to the Gym. I am giving in to some concentrated sweating and huffing, and that's just the walk to the gym. Kidding. I've missed my running music though... is that a good enough reason to go? Tonight on the other hand, I'm washing my hair.

Todays Workout: Nil. Apart from Racing to & from Work. PB on the way home people.

What do you do to add bits of excercise to your day?


  1. I have 4 kids, will that answer suffice?! Seriously though, I have always loved working out, that's how I chill out. When I was expecting my first about 12 years ago, I decided that the only way to ensure that my workouts didn't lapse was to build a home gym - so glad I did! Now I manage to fit in 20 minutes here and there and sometimes, it takes me a whole day to do a full body workout cos I have to fit the sets around everything else! Mad huh? Hope it was a good workout today! www.LinsFood.com

  2. Absoloutely! It's such a great stress relief... I love that you still fit them in whan you can though!

    Great workout today thanks - so glad we made the effort!

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