3 August 2012

Nelson's Olympic Hat

We wandered through Central London today, enjoying all of the sights and sounds of the Olympic spirit, permeating the city. With events all over the capital, from Beach Volleyball in Horseguards Parade, to the Olympic Park, London is humming with the sights and sounds of Olympic shennanigans.

A giant Birdcage, complete with swing!

Who are you supporting, and what is your favourite sport?


  1. I'm an Aussie but have lived here ten years, and have an English dad, husband and little boy!

    So I am now supporting team GB, I was Aussie until the athletics but Saturday night had me turning!

    Amazing so far, I have really enjoyed the Olympics this time round!

  2. Aussie aren't doing so well this time (they normally rampage their way up the medals table), so I don't blame you at all, and you are pretty outnumbered! My husband (and cat) are English, so we're fairly even in the house, until the addition of my Kiwi cousin.
    Aren't the Olympics addictive!?


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