19 September 2012

London living: M&M World

After date night recently with the hubby, we stumbled across M&M world in Leicester Square. I have sampled the delights a couple of times, but it still amazes me that they have built a 4 floor temple to all things M&M-y.

And it's a beautiful E-number coloured and popular world. It is an excercise in PR amazingness - as my hubby exclaimed "They are only sweets, this place is crazy."

They have everything from a replica London bus, a rehash of the famous Abbey Road crossing (on the Beatles album Abbey Road), every bit of M&M tatt (<English Word for rubbish) you can imagine and more.

Did I mention the wall of M&Ms?

Overall it's quite amusing, but I would advise you go off-peak as it gets buuusy, and be warned it will burn a hole in your bank account. Of course you can browse for free... But the siren call of mixing your own colour mix of M&Ms is very hard to resist.


  1. It's crazy, right? I've been in once and I'm sure they pump the M&M smell right by the door so you're enticed to come in further. I don't quite understand why anyone would want M&M golf balls, t-shirts or any of the other prodcuts available, but I do love the colour wall. One day when I've got too much money burning a hole in my pocket, I'll go in and get a bunch of colour coded M&Ms just for fun.

  2. I love the little baskets they give you as well...


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