9 October 2012

Barcelona, Spain - the must-see Tourist Attractions

I just had to share with you the other places we saw that were amazing. This will be my last post about Barcelona, I promise.

Sagrada Familia: No question, this place is incredible.

Park Gaule: Fantastic place to wander, watch the parrots and take a picnic.

The La Boqueria Food Market, off Las Ramblas (a tourist attraction in it's own right):

Take a half day trip to Montserrat - you can do this easily by train or with a coach tour:

Nb: Definately catch the Furnicular/Cog Train up to the Monastery:

Listen to the oldest established boy choir in Europe and explore the Monserrat Basilica:

Explore Barcelona's Gothic Quarter - discover all some of the nooks and crannies:

Check out the Barcelona Cathedral:

... say 'Hey' to the 13 Geese there

See some Picasso artworks in the Museum and on the buildings:

 Above all, enjoy the amazing weather, the tasty Tapas, Slurp Sangria and relax. We also managed one of our 101 in 1001 - no phones, no internet for 4 days.

Really good Tip: Pickpockets are rife on the Metro; don't have you valuables easy to snatch, try and keep to the middle of the tube trains (Pickpockets tend to haunt the ends as they can get away quick) and above keep a really good eye out. If someone stands really close to you or asks something out of the ordinary (especially in English) be really aware that they may be pick pockets.

We really enjoyed Barcelona, it's a great city break.


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