14 October 2012

London Living: Clerkenwell/Islington History Walks

Thank you Twitterverse. Lenin, cops in Wardrobes, Olive Cromwell, hangings, Tudor gates and the St John Headquarters. Who would have thought that the Clerkenwell/Islington area has such a grisly past?

With an afternoon to spare, and my usual partners in crime holed up in various pubs and whatnot I decided to enjoy the blue skies and check out what was happening in London. It's the best city in the World. Handsdown. The only problem was deciding what to do.

A Walking tour won, and Islington appealed to me, as it's somewhere I have worked (temping when I first got to the UK) but not really explored properly.

Who'd have thought that such an innocent looking house housed Lenin?

Some incidental Church gazing

A house of dentention which led to the last hanging in England (now rebuilt into luxury flats)

Islington's answer to the Flat Iron building in New York

Southgate, head of the St John's headquarters

... and for randomness, Janet Street-Porters old house. Designed by an architect friend of hers, it's certainly very interesting.

The walk I stumbled upon can be found here - our tour guide was really interesting, clearly passionate and I loved all of the interesting facts contained behind closed doors. It's a shame classroom history lessons aren't as interesting and hands-on!

We were also passed by a horde of people dressed as PowerRangers. I do love London.


  1. This looks great. I worked in the Clerkenwell area for a while too and it was great to see some buildings I recognise as well as others I don't! Love learning a bit about London history.

  2. It's just fascinating isn't it, all the layers that London, and England hold. We're going to go back to the St John's HQ methinks... apparently the monks will show you around.


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