26 November 2012

I'm a road tripper...

To get to the game on Saturday, we braved the elements and the A4, crossing into another country, accidently losing a member of our kiwi posse in Cardiff due to terrible reception and relied on a sometimes mischevious SatNav.

We tracked down an infamous barber shop - the only recommendation for fun things to stop off and see on our way over made by a Welsh friend. But, we found it.

Made a new friend or two...


The only foodie thing we did, apart from drink tea & redbull, which doesn't really count, was try a Fire Island Craft Beer in a new pub.

So new in fact, the the paint wasn't dry, the toilet doors were plain MDF & there were quite a few jobs to be tackled.

The beer was nice though, quite Bitter (I want to say hoppy, but have no experience to back that claim!)

Awesome day - full of rugby, laughter, good friends and a wee bit harebrained. Just how I like them!

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