18 November 2012

Sacred: Secret Kiwi spots

So, I've been keeping something from the general public. My favourite coffee spot in central London - Sacred in the Westfield Mall, Shepherds Bush. A close second is the one in Carnaby street, with Caravan now following in third - the location is the only thing keeping it from getting higher.

It's so reliable, close to where I used to work and a perfect pick-me-up after a shopping expedition. Or Ice-Skating in the rink set up for Christmas if that's your thing. I prefer to watch from the sidelines as people bowl over. Perfecto.

Great coffee (so good you don't need any sugar or flavourings), Lolly Cake, ANZAC biscuits, L&P, savoury muffins and panini's.

Boom, (because that's the newfangled term) good times.


Not only that, but just around the corner I found a mince & cheese pie from Square Pie (our L&P and Lolly Cake was shared after the new Twilight movie - just fantastic.

Not a bad pie really, the base was a bit too thick, but solid otherwise.

Check them out - Sacred Cafe. (hahaha, all I typed into the Google search engine was Sacred, and they were 3rd. Nice work SEO dude, well played.)

I'm sure this blog seems to consist of 30% of random Kiwi stuff I happen upon in London. I swear 90% of the time I don't go searching it out. It's just nice to share things that make a Kiwi 11,390 miles (18,331 km) from home happy.


  1. Gravy! On a pie..... sacrilege. where is your t-sauce! and what are those white balls! where are your hot chips!

    1. We have to do these things in another country :D The things we sacrifice...


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