30 December 2012

Foodie-in-training: Fruit Liqueurs

In keeping with the general festive season's indulgences and general misbehaviour, my partner-in-crime and I - whilst at the Tower of London, of all places - discovered these little beauties whilst being funnelled through the giftshop.

During these Foodie adventures, it's been great trying all sorts of new things, and this wee taster set is a perfect example.

We have to eat to exist, it's a fact, so I think that if you're eating, you may as well make it a pleasurable experience. That doesn't mean you have to go off the deep end and become a glutton, it's all about moderation.

We bought the small tasting set & a large bottle of Cherry Brandy Liqueur.

I even managed to take tasting notes;

Cherry Brandy Liqueur - Rich, with top Cherry notes and a lovely almost almond undertone. Very lush & perfect for Christmas.
Apricot Brandy Liqueur - Soft on the Palate with the Apricot shining softly. Very moreish.
Sloe Liqueur - Sharper, but nicely fruity.
Ginger Liqueur - Sharp, the Ginger fire shining through. I think this would be perfect with a creamy dessert; a nice Ice Cream or Pannacotta perhaps, dusted with Ginger Biscuit Crumbs.
Damson Port Liqueur - I'm not a fan of Port, this was fruity but rather dry.
Honey Liqueur - a very nice aperatif, finishing the box.

Winner: for me the Apricot Brandy Liqueur, for my partner-in-crime: The Cherry Brandy Liqueur.


This is in no way on behalf of the makers, in fact I have another box of Liqueurs in the cupboard from Ikea (!?) awaiting christening. Can't wait for another excuse to crack them out! 


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