3 January 2013

Decadent Breakfasts with a side of healthy

I love Breakfast. I've found that Toast in the morning/cornflakes/breakfast biscuits don't really appeal to me (unlike my hubby who eats Weetabix for 6 months daily before getting sick of them). 

Holiday Breakfasts are great though - if only I had a maid who could set my brekkie to look like this everyday: 

My most often eaten breakfast consists of; Porridge or 2-3 TBSPs of Wheatgerm (giving me my daily fibre fix, and substance to the bowl), about 150ml yoghurt mixed in, and up to 3 different fruits. They tend to be Blueberries, tinned peaches (Oh, I know) and or Pears. Yummy, so easy and fast = absoloute requirements. I switch up the fruit depending on what's available in the shops and what I fancy, but overall it suits me.

But sometimes, I get a little more decadent.

There is nothing so easy and pleasing to toast a couple of store-bought waffles, topping them with fresh strawberries, and yoghurt. The envy of my colleagues, and the office-wide requests the next morning were halarious.

Or (if armed with an oven) Roasted Figs drizzled with Agave, & Creme Fraiche;

One morning awhile ago to mix it up, we had (forever christened) 'party bagels':

I love Pancakes (especially when accompanied wtih Marshmallow Fluff peeking over the top of the stack):

Oh, Fish Finger Sarnies - must have Fresh White Bread, & Tartare Sauce:


A summery smoothie (I quite like the idea of warm smoothies?):

Or an American Twist - Pumpkin Pie Smoothie:

I'm also working on perfecting this - Spirulina Smoothies - a kiwi favourite. Watch this space.

Am I making you hungry? I sure am! Breakfast like a King they say - how about a day just eating breakfast?

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  1. Yuuum...no wonder your colleagues are putting in orders! What lovely breakfasts you have. I usually find it hard to get enthused about breakfast as I am not a morning person. But I would get up early for these :). I think I will make a resolution to collect breakfast ideas. I have been stuck on having Ready Brek for months...a bit like your husband with his Weetbix or I should say Weetabix now you are in England? lol).


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