24 January 2013

How Foodie Are You? (Updated)

I've just found this website/challenge "How Foodie Are You?" and it's really fascinating. I got 63% as a 'Taste Bud Adventurer' but really enjoyed the list and kinds of foods that they noted. It seems to have a fairly American slant to it, but nevertheless is really interesting.

I think I'm going to add improving my score to my 101 in 1001 list. I would like to bring it up at least 15 foods  - I definitely want to try a Po'boy, Purple Ketchup, Biscuits and Gravy, a Philly Cheesecake, Dandelion Wine & Pistachio Ice Cream...

(Edit: Jan 2014, they've updated it, so I've re-taken the test, and scored 74%. Booya! That means I only need to try another 4!!)
(Edit: 15 new foods all done, woohoo! There are still a few I fancy trying though..)

Eggs Benedict, Nom.

The only things I'm not so sure about include the Phaal Curry - through the long years living in the UK I've developed a taste for Curry, but hubby thought the heat might make me cry - the Fugu, the Snake, Turtle Soup and the Kangaroo. Maybe a step too far?

My sweet tooth definitely came to the fore - I definitely think each sweet item on the list was tried...oops!

Have you tried...?

1. Abalone 
2. Absinthe 
3. Alligator   
4. Baba Ghanoush   
5. Bagel and Lox   
6. Baklava   
7. Barbecue Ribs 
8. Bellini   
9. Bird's Nest Soup   
10. Biscuits and Gravy 10/06/2013  
11. Black Pudding   
12. Black Truffle 
13. Borscht 
14. Bread Pudding 
15. Calamari 
16. Carp 
17. Caviar 
18. Cheese Fondue 
19. Chicken and Waffles 
20. Chicken Tikka Masala 
21. (Chile Relleno Never gonna happen in the UK)  
22. (Chitlins Never gonna happen)  
23. Churros 
24. Clam Chowder 
25. Cognac 
26. Crab Cakes 
27. (Crickets Never gonna happen in the UK) Crème Brulee  
28. Currywurst 
29. Dandelion Wine 
30. Dulce De Leche 
31. Durian 
32. Eel 
33. Eggs Benedict (Ever so slightly) 
34. Fish Tacos 
35. Fresh Spring Rolls 
36. Fried Catfish 
37. Fried Green Tomatoes 
38. Fried Plantain 
39. Frito Pie (Nachos!)
40. Frogs’ Legs 
41. Fugu 
42. Funnel Cake 
43. Gazpacho 
44. Goat 
45. Goat’s Milk 
46. Goulash 
47. Gumbo 
48. Haggis 
49. (Head Cheese Never gonna happen) How about Saffron 31/01/13
50. Heirloom Tomatoes

Time for a wee tea break perhaps?

51. Honeycomb 
52. Hostess Fruit Pie (UK equivalent: McDs Apple Pie) 
53. Huevos Rancheros 
54. Jerk Chicken 
55. Kangaroo 
56. Key Lime Pie 
57. Kobe Beef 
58. Lassi 
59. Lobster 
60. Mimosa 
61. MoonPie 
62. Morel Mushrooms 
63. Nettle Tea 
64. Octopus
65. Okra 
66. Oxtail Soup 
67. Paella 
68. Paneer 
69. Pastrami on Rye 
70. Pavlova (Kiwi Represent!) 
71. Phaal 15/03/2013
72. Philly Cheese Steak (On my must-do list!) 
73. Pho
74. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese 
75. Pistachio Ice Cream 
76. Po’ Boy (On my must-do list!)  
77. Pocky 
78. Polenta 
79. Prickly Pear (And bore the effects for several days after. Stupid.) 
80. Rabbit Stew 
81. Raw Oysters 
82. Root Beer Float 
83. S’mores 
84. Sauerkraut
85. Sea Urchin (aka Kina) 
86. Snail 
87. Snake 
88. Soft Shell Crab 
89. Som Tam 
90. Spaetzle 
91. Spam
92. Squirrel 
93. Steak Tartare 
94. Sweet Potato Fries 
95. Sweetbreads 
96. Tom Yum 
97. Umeboshi 
98. Venison 
99. Wasabi Peas 
100. Zucchini Flowers
What is your score? What do you think is missing from their List?


  1. Have you tried Durian, Chili Crab, Longan, Lychee . . . .

    1. Durian, yep = disgusting, Lychee I love so it would feel like cheating, but Chili Crab & Longan I will definitely look into! Thanks!!

  2. This list has started a small obsession in me. Thanks! Won't rest until I tick all boxes. Really wanted to try the crickets, but so hard to find them. Apparently Wahaca were doing them last year, but stopped. Pistachio ice cream: you'll never look back.

    1. Fantastic! I'm not sure about eating their little legs though - maybe Fortnum & Mason's odd food section?
      Will it our perform my favourite Rum and Raisin though? I will report back (oh the things I do for the blog...)

  3. I just tried this and scored 75%. I'm so proud of myself! I think I'll leave the fugu as my last meal when I am already on my deathbed. Too risky! I almost ordered crickets in a restaurant in Vietnam, but then chickened out. And I had kangaroo in Australia last year. It was good, like game meat. And I agree on the durian. The taste lingered on my tongue for a while and it's nothing I ever want in my mouth again! I think Waitrose sells quails eggs, if you want to give them a try.

    1. oh, fantastic! That's a brilliant score 75%! I think I would have chickened out for Fugu, and crickets. Their little legs...

      Thanks for the quail egg tipoff!

  4. What do you mean, you've never eaten rabbit stew? I'm shocked. I'd add feijoada and take out some of the duplicates in the list. (How can you not have ticked Black Truffle at number 17 but ticked Black Truffle at number 88?)

  5. 82%! But I think living in America and having visited Australia helped out with that score. Also, squirrel? Ew. I'm okay with not eating squirrel.

    And Emma, Philly cheese steak! It's delicious. But it really is better in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas...

  6. I was just about to demand we meet up for an ice-cream date if you still hadn't tried pistachio ice-cream!!!! I think you're more "adventurous" than you give yourself credit for! hehe xx

  7. I took new test, got 88% but... it's an incredibly arbitrary and rather weird list, I think.


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