6 January 2013

Post-Festive Season Blues

I miss Christmas. I miss the lead up, I miss the excitement, I miss the kitsch, I miss the planning, I miss the traditional family annoyances and above all I miss the tree twinkling merrily in our front room.

I miss New Years - this is a new one for me. I've never really enjoyed New Years, it's always seemed over hyped and over priced.

However, I went into one of the supermarkets today & not only were there displays with ols Christmas stock, Valentines day chocolates, hearts & card; but also Easter Eggs. Say what?

Maybe we should have kept the Christmas tree up for the 2013 festive season?


  1. I find it really odd too- though it didn't stop me from buying a Malteaster Bunny the other day! :-)

    1. It's just so quick these days... on my way to work this morning I saw a pile of Christmas Trees ready to be chopped up!


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