23 January 2013

The Snow Child: Book Review

Sweet, slow, gentle, gorgeous. I found the Snow Child to be an intriguing read, it's definately not an action book, but is based around a Husband and Wife in Alaska in the 1920s, a stark unforgiving landscape on which their relationship and need for a child is laid bare.

Jack and Mabel struggle, Jack with the weigh of responsibility and sheer volume of work nessecary to coax a living out of the harsh wilderness, and Mabel with the loneliness and depression of being so self-contained. In a moment of rare fun they make a snowgirl. The next morning the snowgirl and all her acoutrements are gone, but a young blonde girl with a red fox at her side, is running through the deserted woods.

Taking inspiration from a Russian Fairytale, this is a beautiful read, as they explore a relationship with this almost fey creature, and the journey it takes them on. The characterisations and relationships in the novel are lovely; Jack and Mabel make friends who seem almost ruddy with their family and offer of friendship.

I did feel a disconnect near the end of the book as did friends of mine that recommended it, but I guess the author needed to tie it up in someway it feels almost enivitable what happens, but makes sense for them.

Another slow burner, this very weather topical book sucks you in slowly, before you've realised it you are half way through, much like "The Little Stranger". In some ways, I'm not sure that I would have read this or stuck with it without doing these reviews - it makes you really consider what you are reading 'Do I like this?' 'What would I do in this situation'?

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  1. I started this book before Christmas but it didn't really grab me, which is a shame as heard good things about it.


  2. It's certainly a slow burner - it may be one you go back to though - I've done it several times in the past. Thanks for your visit to the blog!

  3. I've had this sitting in my room for a few months now and am definitely looking forward to reading it soon, sounds great!

  4. I'd love to find out what you think of it!


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