12 February 2013

Waterloo Real Food Market

Tucked in the shadow of the Royal Festival Hall, is a compact food market, filled with scrumptious food. Initially, friends and I ran into it by wonderful accident, whilst on the hunt for a pre-adventure dinner.

I've been aching for a return, less-rushed exploration to see what the market was all about. I really enjoy wandering around markets, especially since we get the majority of our groceries delivered on t'internet. We get the majority of our produce from an organic company, but there is something lovely about seeing what you're buying - especially as it affords you the opportunity to try new things.

The market is a lovely combination of goods to purchase to take home, and ready-to-eat 'street-food'. Warning, the Hog Roast is divine. 

Their website explains the ethos of the Market - Our simple idea is to re-connect people back to where their food comes from and to promote the idea of buying directly from the people who actually produce our food.
This is what I've been wanting to find for a long time - a local(ish) market where the food is good, ridiculously fresh, not crazy priced and overall delicious.

There seems to be a level for everyone, from Lobster & Champagne; 


 Hog Roast (scrummy);

To Meantime Beer (produced in London), Perogi's and Pizza for the those looking for a cheap yummy snack.

Beats the golden arches hands down. Costs about the same too!

(Sorry, we couldn't resisit a couple of bites - this is a Cottage Cheese, Onion and herb Perogi,

and a vegetarian Pizza).


They operate cheerfully, rain or shine - the first time we saw them was in icy December, and this weekend was the most miserable, rainy one in a long time. All the vendors we spoke to were infectiously cheerful.

Open 3 days a week - Friday Saturday & Sunday, it's a fairly recent start-up and is giving Borough Market a run for it's money. Further details can be found on the website. The market is open Friday 12.00 - 20.00, Saturday 11.00 - 20.00 and Sunday 12.00 - 18.00.

The views around the market are pretty awesome too - The London Eye, Southbank, the Houses of Parliament and the National Aquarium are a short trot away.


  1. We came down from Northamtonshire to take a look and have to say there was great quality food and very diverse. I think it's also worth saying that this is very much a Street Food market, something that's not too well mentioned in any of the media I've seen so we got a bit caught out, as did a trader that came all the way from Lancs. Still a great visit though. Nice Blog.

    1. ...and their street food is a strong selling point of the Market.
      Thanks for the visit and your comment, really appreciate it!

  2. Wao..! this Hog Roast is really cool, Thanks for sharing this recipe. I like this Hog Roast.


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