22 March 2013

(Mostly) Wordless Friday

Sometimes, I do wonder if this blog should be called 'Baking Misadventures of a London Kiwi'.

From careful planning and a trial cake (I somehow typed 'tria cakel'??), to successfully baking it, making Lime Curd from scratch, cutting through the centre and filling it with Lime Curd and tucking it away for decorating when I got home from work...


Enough said.

This week did however have a few bright points: we saw the end of 'Marmageddon' (it even broke into the UK Telegraph news and the BCC)

(Not mine sadly, not yet)

Perused some interesting Tube Artwork:

And decided to have a week-long sugar hiatus. That's it, no more sugar. I think I may possibly be crazy, so watch this space! So far it's going well.

Bring on the weekend of adventures! Wine, a FPP personally delivered, a horrendously cute pupp, Steak, an exceedingly tall building and Football all await.
What would your perfect weekend entail?


  1. Bad kitty! Flashbacks of a Thanksgiving Fiasco. Who knew cats like pumpkin pie? Have a terrific weekend!!


    1. At least she's not the only one, but to not have Pumkpin Pie on Thanksgiving? Awww.


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