1 May 2013

Canalboating, a room with a view - Leg 2

Suffice to say, thanks to the weather and great company, we loved canalboating. Even with the sealegs (which I luckily was pretty unaffected but - but the canals are very still. I'm not a sailor yet!)

I love the possibility of combining your floating hotel with more exhilarating activities such as;

Hot Air Ballooning, Paragliding (not us this time sadly)

Wandering/hiking alongside the boat;
And some definitely deserved relaxation time soaking up the rays as we gently glided through the canals;
My family will be astounded to find out that I wasn't the trouble ringleader but nominated boat chronicler & general 'miss-chief'.
Catering can be as simple or gastronomic as you want to make it; We opted for leisurely luxurious breakfasts, bankside BBQ lunches and pub dinners.

Oh, and a spot of freshly made nettle tea - very nice, very woodsy.

The absoloute highlight of the weekend? Hanging with some great mates, laughing and generally getting up to mischief. Sadly we didn't win the lottery. Next time.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


  1. ... Oh! Emma I just had a lovely slow boat ride down the canal with you! ... love the photographs and the stop over for nettle tea! ... is that the same as the stinging nettle here in Australia? ... need more time up my sleeve to check out your site ... :-)

    1. Thanks for the blog visit! Absoloutely the same stinging nettles - thankfully I had a 'boy friday' who knows how to gather them without getting stung!


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