6 May 2013

Leinster Gardens - London Living

I love quirky and obscure touristy things the best. Park Güell in Barcelona with it's sinuously serpentine seating, the babies climbing up Pragues TV tower, not to mention the Christmas Pudding Race in London (for more check out the blog page London Living.)

Leinster Gardens is a whole extra step.

A terraced home in Leinster Gardens is worth between £3,600,000 and £4,500,000 if they ever come onto the market, which isn't very often. Your neighbour would be likely to be a sloaney with horrendous looking glasses but dripping in money, a sheiks son or a diplomat.

But, one of these things is not like the other.

The original underground trains were powered by steam, and needed a place to vent. 'Cut and cover' lines were devised with tunnels and open air sections so the trains could 'vent off'.

In this instance instead of just making a vent, they knocked everything but the façade down of this beautiful 5 floor terraced home, in order proved a vent space for the Metropolitan, District, and Circle Lines between Paddington and Bayswater. It was such a beautiful (nevermind affluent) terrace it was decided that they would unimpede the row of housing.

Clever, no? From a distance it looks pretty much like the other homes - glossy lacquered front door, pointless potted plants, but as you walk closer you notice there are no windows or door handles.

A further stroll to the rear...

Aaaaaand in action...

Quirky and obscure.
If that 'geezer' estate agent offers to sell you a property at 23/24 Leinster Gardens for a bargain basement price, just be very aware. Apparently the adjacent Henry VIII Hotel now claims the same address and, "yes, it really does exist!"


  1. Oh I've been meaning to visit this for ages! Am newly inspired :-)

  2. I love that place. Mr B showed me it on one of our first hang-outs, then we used it in a treasure hunt we organised together, and then he did a treasure hunt for me which finished with him proposing to me just outside the fake door. 2 and a half years later and we're still going strong :)

    1. That is just fantastic!!

    2. Yeah, it's very cool. I'm trying to think what other stuff we put on the treasure hunt. It was full of hidden London things. There's some great websites and books about that kind of thing. ps. sorry about the double-comment. My computer was being weird.

  3. Mr B proposed to me there (it has history for us... ) I love that fake house


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