8 June 2013

Awards - My top dishes in London

Warning, #foodporn ahead...

I have been lucky enough to sample many of London culinary delights. From top celebrity chef restaurants to cheeky local delis, and I love sharing our favourites with you (and using the blog as an excuse to try new places.)

Aaaaaaaand the places-I-think-are-delicious awards go to (drumroll please .... )


Best Eggs Benedict/Royale - Ozone

Best Brownie - Caravan

Best Sweetcorn Fritters - Caravan

Best new discovery dish - Kopapa's Turkish Eggs

Best twist on a classic & bressert - The Modern Pantry's French Toast

Best (and possibly only) Spirulina - Kopapa


Best coffee - ooooh er, I can't decide.

Most random - Attendant

Best Steak - Goodmans
Best Seafood - Fishworks, Marylebone.
Best experience - Teppenyaki at Sen Nin
Best Dessert - Browns
Where are your favourite London eateries? Recommendations would be fabulous!


  1. Has to be... Outsider Tart in West London for dinner (amazing American food - reminds me of home!), Ms Cupcake in Brixton for a quick sweet fix and Brick Lane for bagels!

    1. Oooh, they sounds great, thanks!!


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