28 June 2013

Birthday celebrations - Giveaway NOW CLOSED

I love celebratin' and even though I can't quite believe it, it has been one whole year of Adventures for this London Kiwi. Thank you for so kindly reading my blatherings for so long. I check out a few stats, and over a 100 people have visited the blog more than 100 times. Say what?

My favourite way to celebrate? It's with friends, readers and generally lovely people to say thank you. This means YOU!

I feel like one of those parents, who have realised they have made it through 12 months of stressing they will drop, maim or break the baby, only to discover they have done not only ok, but started to raise a pretty cool kid (well as most parents I think my 'kid' is pretty cool anyway. Talk about #mumlove)

So, to celebrate the first birthday of Adventures of a London Kiwi, I'm hosting another giveaway or two. As my personalised foodie package went down so well, I think I'm going to do it again, plus a little something something for my Worldwide readers.

For my UK & European blog readers:

I'm going to add a little 'something something' and make up a Foodie Penpals-esque parcel of gourmet goodies which will be delivered to an UK/European address of your choice. It will take food allergies into consideration and contain £25.00 worth of hand picked goodies, unique to you, by answering a few questions over email like;

- Sweet, Savoury or a mixture?
- Good or naughty?
- Do you follow any particular diet such as vegan, vegetarian, low carb?

Life is all about adventures - and in this case, Timtams may be involved.

For the gourmet parcel you may be thinking £25 isn't the most massive value - for that much in your average-high-street-hamper that would get a bottle of chutney, some crackers & maybe a cheap bottle of plonk.

My last giveaway had an extremely healthy angle, and tidbits were sourced from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, my local organic shop and specialty stores (these guys don't endorse me, it's just to give you an idea.)

My last parcel winner was a health-food fiend, so her parcel centred around healthy treats I thought she'd like (which it sounds like she loved which is fantastic!).

For my Worldwide readers (inc the UK & Europe):

One of Runaway Kiwi's sterling silver pendants or bracelets of your choice plus a few Kiwi or English sweet treats. Your choice.

Designed on the steps of St Paul's by Runaway Kiwi, the pendants have so far travelled to New Zealand, Japan, America, Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, India and have flown around the world. (I highly suggest visiting her blog & following her on Twitter for art, highjinks and London-isms).

How cute are they? And with a price of £25.00 enter the draw and one could be all yours!

How To Enter:
  • Simply complete the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries
  • Entries can be via blog comment, Bloglovin' Twitter etc
  • Leaving a blog comment is mandatory and failure to do so will void any other entries
  • Closing date -  18th July 2013

*Terms and conditions

  1. One prizewinner of each draw only, but you can enter both if applicable (though Worldwide entrants can't enter the UK one, sorry - the post would be extortionate!)
  2. Adventures of a London Kiwi will post the gourmet parcel Special Next Day Delivery but is limited to the reliability of Royal Mail
  3. Adventures of a London Kiwi will post the pendant and treats Special Next Day Delivery as soon as they have been received but is limited to the reliability of Royal Mail
  4. The winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the end of the competition with and the gourmet parcel dispatched within 72 hours of the winners reply
How Entries and Rafflecopter works:
  • You will need to complete the mandatory entry first by making a blog comment. Click 'leave a comment' at the bottom of the post and leave your reply. The comment won't show immediately as it needs to be moderated, however rest assured it will appear on the site, so carry on with rest of your entries.
  • Go back to Rafflecopter and click the green button to tell me you have made a comment, this will unlock all the other options. All entries are checked to see that the mandatory question is answered, if its not all bonus entries will become void.
  • Rafflecopter will tweet, like and follow on your behalf.
  • For information on how to find the URL of your tweet click here.
  • For bonus entries you can return to this page and enter the daily bonus entries.
  • If you are still unsure as to how Rafflecopter works please do check out this short video. 


    Ps. RunawayKiwi has kindly also extended a 20% offer code to those people who can't resist her pretty necklaces - just enter londonkiwi in the promo code box at ASOS!


    1. What a lovely idea! Sweet, naughty and no strict diet for me!!

    2. I really enjoy the foodie penpals and love the book reviews

    3. I like the perma-tourist posts. I am a london live-er and I love finising hidden things. I;d love mainly healthy with a few treats thron in. OR an education in Kiwi food would be cool!

    4. I would have a mix of whatever you were willing to throw at me! And oh my I love tim tams, I think I pretty much lived off them when I lived in NZ, so many flavours too!!! And a huge congrats on a year of blogging, keep up the good work!

      Dannielle @ Chic-a-Dee

    5. Such a lovely idea you had...and those pendants look really great! Mixture of sweet and savoury, midway between naughty and good and no dietary restrictions for me...and I'm entering the Worldwide Draw as well.
      And by the way, congratulations for your first year o blogging, and thanks for pointing me towards Foodie Penpals. I'll probably sign up to it at some point!


    6. Congrats, I really like your blog, so please keep up the good job, indeed :D
      I have so many interests, so I read almost everything, but I enjoy traveling and book review posts from you the most :)
      ~Karina V

    7. I love the mix of sweet and savory and also something in between naughty and nice, if that's understandable :D not too naughty :)

    8. I love the Travel Thursdays!

    9. A great blog, beautiful jewellery and healthy snacks - you're spoiling us! * xx

    10. A savoury vegetarian box would be ideal for me! And the book reviews are my favourites.

    11. Congratulation Emma. Wow, I can't believe its a one year already... your blog makes my day better every day for over year now :) My favorite is the travel section of course :)

    12. Happy 1year! I recently celebrated the same thing :)

    13. Not sure if bloggee posted my comment! But! Happy year in London!

    14. I really enjoy the travel Thursdays - I'm not vegan or vegetarian - anything goes!

    15. I need to stop looking at this when I've already eating as I'm ending up with double breakfast here!
      Great giveaway, expertly selected, and pretty jewellery aswell! - look good inside and out! *

    16. I'm outside UK and Europe so i hope to win the pendants. I absolutely love them. They look very hip and trendy. A great add on to a plain t-shirt. Fingers crossed!

    17. I am outside UK and Europe so i'm hoping to win those hip pendants. I love them, a great accessory to a plain t shirt!

    18. OMG Def have to enter - great foodie prizes and I would soooo love some of RunawayKiwi's jewels! Lucky I finally started learning to Twitter and saw this in time!

    19. That's an amazing giveaway. I like to read those food related as well as book review posts here :)

      And I live outside UK/Europe. Hope to win those pendants :)

    20. Emma! I'm holding up the US side of your raffle entries! The necklaces are lovely and I'm totally going to check out both rafflecopter and the foodie penpal programs for my blog!

    21. I, of course, love the recipes! But I also really like seeing your goals and your progress of them.

    22. I like all foodie posts. I'd like to win a treat parcel. I saw Tim Tams and I've heard all about them:-)

    23. Food and recipe posts are my favourite and i would love a savoury parcel with the odd naughty sweet treat :-)

    24. My husband is in the military and is deployed! I love the safe travels pendant! What a GREAT giveaway!!


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