15 June 2013

Expat to expat: Travel! Blog link party

What's one of the biggest reasons Kiwi's leave their homes in the land of the Long White Cloud behind? To travel, explore and find out who they are.
Thought up and hosted by the lovely ladies at Found Love, Now What and The Hemborg Wife thought that for the month of May we would focus on a Travel
{one of my favourite love/hate things!}

1. Which airport would you like to never see again?
No questions, it's poor Helsinki. Our first transfer through there went really well (London-Japan); we watched the stewardesses glide by on their scooters with amusement (the terminals are reeeeeeeeeeally long), gawked in surprise at the fur skins on sale and meandered to our transfer. Not so on the return leg; we had to race through the huuuge terminal, get on a bus transferring us from the building to the plane and then slip through snow and ice on the runway, jetlagged and in inappropriate ballet slippers.

2. What is your travel nightmare?
Arriving late to check-in, and being told the flight is overbooked so we can't get on (we had a moment of this whilst coming home from America, we just couldn't Check-In online which led me to fret pointlessly). That, and babies crying because it would drive hubby nuts and I would be fretting about him the whole way through the flight.

3. Would your rather stay in a fancy hotel and do less activities or stay in a hostel and do more activities?
Much like a lot of my fellow Expat to Expat bloggers, we like to stay in apartments a little bit of the beaten tourist track. We find it allows you to have a space in which to relax other than your hotel bed, and gives us the flexibility to brew a pot of coffee for drinking in bed in the morning (one of the ways it 'feels' like we are on holiday) and explore local markets. Aside from that, we prefer to do more activities instead of paying for 5 star hotels which seem to be fairly vanilla anyway.

4. Do you have any pre-travel rituals?
Not really, apart from our preference to pack the day before leaving and not sleeping the night before from excitement like 4-year-olds.

A snippet of an Air New Zealand safety video. Mooloo ohlayohlay

5. What is your favourite airline to fly with?
I swear I'm not being country biased, but it's Air New Zealand for the win even though it's pretty expensive (Singapore Airlines and British Airways are closely behind.) The service is good and really humorous - check out this classic flight safety video (featuring the Hobbit). There are simply loads they have done over the years featuring the All Blacks, Bear Grylls and a disco-theque Richard Simmons...

6. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I have so many, but at the moment it's getting more and more dusty and exotic as time goes by; South America, Morocco, Egypt and Israel.

7. How do survive long haul flights?
Loads of movies, a huge bottle of water and trying to cue in with the timezone where you are travelling to. Comfortable, breathable clothes and shoes are so important too - we often marvel at the girls in full make up, curls, stiletto boots, skin tight jeans and clubbing tops. I mean try and look vaguely nice if you can as you will be going through immigration and want to make a normal impression so they let you into the country, but there is a balance. Soft thick scarves are great for sleeping in and hiding all sorts of evils.

8. What is your favourite stamp in your passport and why?
Prague, it was my first solo travel (apart from flying into London).

Questions from Lisa at Meanderings, Adventures & Crafty Inspirations

1. What are your top 3 necessary items for travel?
  • Comfortable shoes - slip-ons and trainers. Exploring is so much easier when you 10 toes aren't protesting.
  • My own headphones - I can't wear the plane ones as the sound is so terrible.
  • Facewipes - they just make you feel SO much better.
(my camera doesn't count as it's not an object, but an extension of my arms...)

100 points (not sure what for tbh) and I will post you a packet of Kiwi biscuits (in all seriousness) to the first person that can tell me what building this is in New York. You have seen it a hundred thousand times as a cut-away on an insanely popular and long running US sitcom where they love coffee.

2. What is your off the beaten track trip in your current home?
Kent, where we love to explore and go camping. We do try and get away at least once a month, even if it's just a trip to East London.
Okay, so now it’s your turn!
Found Love.  Now What?

Expats from around the world sharing a bit of their travel highs and lows!

What are your favourite travel places, and with a packet of biscuits on offer can you name ^that^ building?


  1. Hi, I saw you on the link-up for the Q&A. I thought I'd say hello and that my thing to take is face wipes too - a must for keeoing me refreshed! Have a great weekend (I love London - I moved from there about 8 years ago so I do miss it, but most of my family are there so I have a good visit excuse)!

    1. Hi Molly,
      Thanks for the visit - I have been enjoying your blog too! It's intersting to see a move to another country from the start of the process. I just got a dead-end job that gave me loads of hours, saved up and booked the flights. No real thought went on!

  2. That's where Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler live! :-) In all seriousness, I enjoyed this post. One goal that I'm really trying to actually take steps to achieve is to travel more. Love the new experiences you get from it and the change in perspective

    1. Got it in one!
      That's great, and people travelling within the UK is so under done in favour of European destinations!
      Travel just makes you think differently.
      Feel free to join the link up, loads of lovely expat bloggers!

  3. I loved this Q&A. I'm by no means a seasoned traveller so it was great to get some tips from your experiences travelling. Not been abroad for a while fingers crossed next year I'll be able to again. I want to re-visit NYC but take my girlfriend.

    1. Thank you, it's always interesting travelling, it changes you (and can test a relationship as it shows how you handle stress, but can strenghten them!).
      I hope you have a fun destination in mind...!

  4. Helsinki sounds like Hades. It's good to know!! I love your answers--I am going to put Air New Zealand on my travel bucket list!


    1. Thanks for the visit Kim - AirNZ are hilarious.. check out the safety videos!

  5. Stopping by from the link-up! I recently visited New Zealand and booked NZAir. I LOVED it! I got a kick out of the Bear Grylls safety video!

    1. Hey Megan, isn't it such a fab link up! AWESOME to hear!! How did you enjoy it?

  6. Thanks for linking up with us! I loved your answers and I also am always staring at those girls while I am in my yoga pants and tank tops!

    1. It's absolutely my privilege to join in!
      We play a game, and compete to find the craziest...

  7. Loved this post. Well, it seems I'm too late to win a packet of kiwi biscuits because of Friends... :P

    1. Gotta be quick in this neighbourhood with Kiwi bikkies on offer :-D

  8. Hi from the link-up! I love having face wipes for my long flights, too. And seriously with the women who get all dressed up, especially on those long hauls. It makes me feel so frumpy! Then again, I know I'm way more comfy on the flight than they are.

  9. Thats so true! I've seen a ton of people traveling an staying at crazy expensive hotels and all the bulk of their expenses go there! personally I'd go and stay with locals and get to know the culture. Thats what the wife and I do when we step out of costa rica and we always meet the coolest people! Thanks for sharing this post! Love it!


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