14 June 2013

Katz's Diner - New York Restaurant Review

Oi Vey!

One thing we had to try when we were in the Big Apple was Katz's Pastrami on Rye sandwich, found in Manhattans Lower East Side..

Just how good can a sandwich be?

(Ps. check out the sign top left hand corner)

Proper pastrami, fresh and hot from the oven. None of that cold refrigerated plastic supermarket stuff here thank you! I'm not going to bother describing this sandwich. Look how tender it is (and yes, there were some Guy Fiery double bites at times it was so so good).

I say sandwich, but it's more of an institution than necessarily just bread and filling. Thankfully we were in safe hands with Katz's veterans Julie and Tara, advising us to try the green tomatoes as well as the pickles.

There are no pretensions - it is what it is. Good quality ingredients, served in a juicy delectable slab.

Everyone who is anyone seems to have visited, and had their photo added to the many walls.

Pricey granted, but enough to fill you for a day. A whole day people.

I kinda wonder what the Earl of Sandwich would say if he knew this is what his invention led to. Possibly just a satisfied belch!
Katz's has been trading in the neighbourhood for over 100 years, and looks set to continue for a very long time. All the important info is here (opening times and directions). Go, please tell 'em you'll have the Pastrami on Rye with half sours.
Ess gesunt! (I'm told it's Yiddish for 'Eat in good health!')


  1. Oh MAN that looks good!!! In Canada we have smoked meat sandwiches and Montreal is known to have the best of the best at Dunn's or Schwartz's. I guess New York has pastrami and Montreal has smoked meat. They look so similar that I wonder if they are the same. I will look that up... Your sandwich looks amazing. I will be sure to go there and try it if I ever make my way to New York. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm kinda hankering after one right, revisiting these photos! I have been recommended a Salt Beef sandwich shop in WC2 which I am tempted to check out soon, in the interests on the blog, of course ;-)

  2. Hopefully, you polished it off with a black & white cookie!

    1. We were very very full, but didn't see those babies?!


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