9 July 2013

Happily Ever After - Reading Review

Retelling the stories of Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, Happily Ever After is a beguiling telling of the lives and mischief of 3 girls.
Set in the 1960's, the stories revolve around a triple dorm room set in the tower of Egerton hall, a girl's boarding school and the lives of Megan, Alice and Bella. This binding is three stories of development, relationships, friendship and courage to follow your heart (but minding the circumstances).
The style of writing somewhat reminded me of The Secret Garden and was a gentle read I could return to when time was offered. The title encompasses the stories the author takes and gently remakes them (with some rather witty references to the fairy tales) but really does but the Happily Ever After myth - life won't resolve itself for you, you have to be brave to take a risk and the consequences can be great.

What is your favourite fairy tale & do any of the characters resonate with your own life? Rapunzel - stuck in a high tower guarded by a witch trying to escape, Sleeping beauty - being forced down a life path or Snow White - dogged by family who drive you nuts.

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  1. Looks interesting - would you say it's a children's book?

    1. No, not really a childrens book, more adult themes.

    2. Would I have feminist issues with it? :-p

    3. Would I have feminist issues with it?

    4. No I don't think so, it is a pretty light hearted book.


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