14 July 2013

Summer Menu (the rummage in the Fridge edition)

This weekend, the UK is enjoying some of the highest temperatures that we are going to get this year. In honour of this and a poorly knee, I'm going to camp out under the trees in our backyard, sip cool drinks and soak in some vitamin D.

We do still have to eat though, so I'm going to make some of our favourites based on a rummage through our fridge (because that means deliciousness AND more Vitamin D time, rather than trawling through the supermarket).

Breakfast : Baked eggs with homemade bread
Elevenses: Dannii's Mocha Frappucino & Runaway Kiwi's Banana Ice Cream (all whilst singing Mah nah mah nah)
Followed with Guilt Free Ice Cream
I'm going to leave you with one of my favourite Kiwi Bands, whose music epitomise Summer tunes to me.


  1. Wow. All of that looks amazing. I will have to do some further investigation into the bacon and chestnut pasta. It looks delish. And I always love a baked egg!

    1. It was actually really hard to pick what to eat as they are all summer favourites. Tough life ;-)

  2. The stuffed butternut squash looks delicious.

    1. It's SO good! I highly recommend it.


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