17 July 2013

Wagamamas, Heathrow - Restaurant Review

If something is unique, then the odds are I will be drawn to it, like a magpie to tinfoil. Fun-loving people, an antique brooch, interesting story or weird historical item will have me planning, nay scheming to have a looksee or a plan leisurely brunch nearby (if it's the people that is, I don't mean having brunch with a weird historical item. I think I may have a touch of sunstroke...)

Well, for me, having breakfast at an airport isn't something that I would consider to be interesting. Overpriced, delayed, usually really bland and waay overpriced is usually the order of the day (sorry for the unintended pun. This was until we discovered Wagamamas menu at Heathrow Terminal 5.

To be honest at that time of the morning (we've usually been up since 5am, and once through security it feels like lunchtime even though it's probably only 8am or so) we just want something hot, quick, not ridiculously expensive and we know it's not going to upset our stomachs for our flight. 

French toast: Thick-cut grilled egg bread, topped with sliced sweet banana, ginger icing sugar and a chilli toffee sauce

It's also a nice way to start a holiday, eating something someone else has cooked that's also slightly luxurious.
Toasted rolled oat porridge: Served hot with sun dried cherries and raisins, dark brown sugar with frothed milk.
Garnished with either fresh strawberries or sliced bananas

Most of their 'western' style dishes have a Japanese style twist that we enjoy, but the range extends to a full on Japanese breakfast (noodles, eggs, pancakes, including my favourite Okonomiyaki) and the prices are pretty darn reasonable.
Comfortable & interesting. I'm sold.
Wagamamas don't know who I am, I just thought I'd share, especially with everyone in the UK going on summer holidays at the moment. That reminds me, I need to book in our next holiday... Any suggestions for a 3-4 day trip from London?
Ps. I've just been told that Wagamama means selfish in Japanese. We certainly learn something new everyday, and that's my fact of the day!


  1. wow I didn't even know wagamama did breakfasts. I looove their normal menu. You can catch good Eurostar deals to Brussles, I highly recommend it, and you can go to Bruges from there for a day as well. So pretty!

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

    1. Random, right!
      Oooh, Brussels is on our hit list. Trouble is, our hit list is mahoosive!

  2. I have such a soft spot for Wagamama, as I used to eat in their Dublin restaurant CONSTANTLY in college! Breakfasts look amazing, but desserts are even better (what - not at 8am?)

    I'd recommend Dublin!

    1. I adore Wagas. Mmmmm.
      Would love Dublin and it's only a short hop away!

  3. You're so right about airport breakfasts being one of the nicest ways to start a holiday. Will keep Wagamama in mind if I ever get to fly from Heathrow, which sadly hasn't yet happened - I'm a huge fan of their Udon Noodles, but haven't yet tried the desserts.

    As for your holiday, I'd pick Rome for 3 days. Even if you've already visited it, the city is so charming, that it's always good to come back from time to time :)

    1. It feels like such a luxurious start, relaxing overlooking the tarmac whilst someone else cooks something delicious for you to enjoy. Can't beat it.

      Mmmm gelato and pizza is calling my name...

  4. Great to know! I've loved Wagamama's since I first lived in London back in college. I had no idea they made breakfast. I also am very jealous of your travels. Since I always fly Delta to the US, I only get to travel in Terminal 4 at Heathrow. I hear Terminal 5 is for ROCKSTARS!! Great post!


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