19 August 2013

A Loo fit for a Queen, Queen Victoria to be precise - the V&A

With approximately 4.5 million objects covering 5,000 years of art and design from four continents, the Victoria and Albert museum is one of a kind. It's absoloutely my favourite museum in London (so far - there is still room for more) and I could easily spend a whole day wandering through the corridors.

(The Ceramics Gallery on the 6th floor is a little known gem, check out great guest post here)

But, the museum corridors hold more than just exquisite artefacts, humourous installations and ancient statues.

When Queen Victoria visited the museum, she couldn't possibly spend a penny with the commoners, so a bathroom suite was decorated and allocated just for her use. Isn't the tiling gorgeous?

If you stop for a refueling tea and cake in the cafe, which I dorecommend (it's a little pricey as expected though), behind a modern timbered door to the right of the main cafe area, fartherest from the main entrance, is the prettiest bathroom I've seen in a long time.

A marble baby changing table fit for a Prince (George).

Open and free for use by the visiting public, it's well worth a wander in.

I do love the random amusements to be found in the strangest places.


  1. Love the V&A - fave museum in London too! x

  2. I agree with Christine - this place is just such a wicked museum. Everytime I go I find something new to explore...it's a cavern of treasures! (And their cafe is surprisingly ace too!)

    1. Isn't it great - I think I could easily spend a couple of days wandering the halls.

  3. Oh, I haven't had the chance to go yet! Also - love all the photos! (Though I did chuckle a little at the thought of someone taking photos of a public bathroom - something only a blogger would really understand :)

    1. Go, I implore you!
      It's really funny because I was with a group of bloggers who encouraged me to have a look. Only bloggers!


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