29 August 2013

Grimsby, Lincolnshire #travelthursday

Again, I know you're thinking 'Huh? Grimsby? Wha?'

Much like New Zealand, and most countries around the world, Britain is made up of networks of thousands of small towns, villages and hamlets that combined make us nationally who we are.

Grimsby is one of these places, and no less special to the inhabitants and townspeoples. It's not Las Vegas or Milan, but then neither are many places that I've lived.

What it is though is really friendly, beautifully kept and rather surprising.

Dock Tower, is a copy of one in Sienna, Italy and is rather sadly perched at the end of the now mostly unused fish docks.

Would I recommend you make a special day trip up there? Probably not - though they
do throw pretty awesome 50th wedding anniversary parties (I needed a swift nap to keep up with the 70 year old couple - sadly I'm not kidding, they partied until 4am).

It's a town you have to get to know to really appreciate.

They have delicious fish & chips - the best in the country (see yesterday's post for more mouthwatering detail).

...and a funfair promenade with a selection of the usual rides, games and carnival food.

I can't wait to get back for a relaxing break.

Is there a small town that you like to holiday in?


  1. I love your commentary on small towns, not until recently in my late twenties am I realizing and appreciating all the small places people call home and have wonderful lives!

    1. It's taken me a long time too - I never really before appreciated the quiet beauty that can be found in small-town New Zealand.

  2. I love visiting small towns, you can really explore everything while you;re there and not have to fight other tourists for a everything. Lovely!

    A Golden State of Mind

  3. I love small towns! Yeah, they might not be as exciting as the bigger cities, but they are a heck of a lot more welcoming!

    My parents have a small beach house is a little known beach area in Florida called Ormond By The Sea. Grimsby reminds me of that little town. I love being there - there's only a handful of restaurants, so the owners of them really get to know the residents!

    1. It's so true! When we were in Florida recently we stayed in Kissimee, still a little touristy but some of the families we met in the apartment complex (which was off the beaten track) were really lovely (and very au fait with the nearby alligators to our amusement, and slight horror!)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I love the small beach towns in NC, where we tend to holiday.

    1. It really was lovely. There is nothing quite so lovely as a well kept secret for holidaying in!


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