23 August 2013

(Mostly) Wordless Friday

I'm delighted to present the 'oop North' Edition of the week, a celebration of everything Northern English, Meggie and rather lovely. We travelled up for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Can you imagine that, 50 years of sharing your life with someone - laughing, crying, life and the odd raised word.

I wish I could bottle the sound of the house chock full of family, catching up, music, laughter reminiscing, wine bottles clinking and the sharing & eating of delicious handmade goodies.

(Isn't this the funniest Golden Wedding hamper - they drank the beer that accompanied it)


  1. Where in the good old Oop North is this? I feel like I recognise the beach but can't place it. The North is by far the best part of the country!!


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