15 August 2013

Tunbridge, Kentish Countryside #travelthursdays

Camping, oh how I love thee. Oh how I hate thee. But it does get you out in the great outdoors. And you totally have a great excuse to eat hotdogs, s'mores and hot cider whilst gathered around the campfire. This is truly my favourite part of camping.

Our 5.5mile tramp, skirting beautiful lakes..

Our home for the weekend, sleeping under the Stars (which was also a 101 in 1001 goal!) was a waterproof sheet and some bendy sticks. It was cosy, very very cosy and one of the harder things about Camping - like our friend said when he kindly lent it to us "It's meant to be a 2 man tent, but it's a good thing that you know each other well!". The next time we'll go, I think we'll invest in one ourselves. And an airbed. Or maybe I'll just stay in a hotel, carrying some freshly mown grass to create the proper smell of camping. I wonder if they'll mind me using the furniture to make a bonfire? Celebs get to chuck TVs so I can't see why I can't utilise the curtains as lighter paper.

Gathering for Camp, we settled in amongst suited and booted businessmen, celebrating Friday night.

Rolling English Pastures...

... and primordial forests.

Oh, why, herrow.

A well earned rest stop

If I could only remember where I left that tent...


The best meal of the weekend.
How to get into our campsite, this is roughing it.

Best part of the weekend. Sitting around the campfire, talking tall tales with wonderful people.
Dusk Sack Racing! There was quite a bit of foul play that went on.
I learnt how to recognise a constellation, the Big Dipper. Thank you Mark! (another 101 in 1001 Goal!)

(Best viewed large)

Camper or a Glamper at heart?


  1. I LOVE camping! We really want to go on a lake district camping and hiking trip just haven't had the weather on the weekends we've been free. Is there a reason you guys octopussed out your hotdogs?! haha

    1. There wasn't any reason other than the fact that we're big kids!

  2. These pictures are great! I love camping too and I will finally get to go this year in September. I've already started thinking about camping meals in the cast iron pot!


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