19 September 2013

One of my greatest loves, Travel #travelthursdays

You may have noticed that Travel Thursdays are a little, well, random. I've wanted to share a feel of the places that I've loved travelling, and who knows, maybe even to be a little inspiring, like so many people were to me. This wanderlust, a craving to see over the horizon causing me to dream big, leave my comfortable home and begin discovering the rest of the world.

We've not as yet travailed the Russian Stepps, experienced genuine local Vietnamese food or stood astonished at foot the Egyptian pyramids, but for a Kiwi lass and a POM we've done pretty well so far I think (and don't worry, plenty more travel stories to come, and adventures planned!)

Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Wales Cardiff & Rugby Gower Coast
Northern Ireland Belfast
Scotland Edinburgh
Spain Barcelona
France Paris Nimes Avignon
Czech Republic Prague
Germany Berlin

New York New York

Asia & Oceania
Japan Tokyo Kyoto

What has been a surprised, are the possibilities offered for Armchair Travel, you know, the travel that you don't have to go through Airport security for? Chinese Afternoon Tea Chinese New Year West Indies - The Nottinghill Carnival Shrimpys Ireland
Sometimes, I don't even have to leave my house! 
Foodie Penpals Greece Philadelphia, US Prague

The only trouble is despite how ever many places you visit, more seem to appear which makes my itchy feet ache. General Tips & Travel Guides
The only questions is where to next? Any suggestions or plans of your own?


  1. Wow, you guys are doing well! Love the photos - particularly Grand Central; love that place. There's always so much energy and bustle and a feeling of so much happening there. Both in the station and the amazing city of New York.

  2. Ahh, this is great!!! So many beautiful places!!

  3. I've travelled more this summer than I have in recent years (two scandinavian/nordic countries!) and will most likely see a bit of Greece in the winter. It's certainly given me itchy feet and I want to see more. I've yet to be see Ireland, so that would be a good one as well as plenty of other places around Europe- Portugal is high on the list!


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