11 October 2013

Friday figments and fotos

Juste quelques joyaux français alĂ©atoires; (Just a few random French gems); 

Kiwis are EVERWHERE! (But not hung above the French kit you'll notice - don't be poor losers guys...)

Even the pigeons are dressed well...

The worlds most pointless bridge. Ever.

Food blogger heaven in one of the Flea markets.

And last, but not least, Bacon and Egg Pizza. Oh yes, Bacon and Egg Pizza. It was good, thought not quite as nice as Bacon and Egg Pie.

Thank you Paris, it was fabulous.

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  1. Wow! That is a beautiful pigeon! They really are more fashionable in Paris, aren't they? ;o)

    I love all those dishes at the flea market!!

    1. Wasn't it! The pigeon did make me laugh :)

  2. ahhh bacon and egg pizza! I had never had egg on pizza until some french girls introduced us to it in NZ.

    1. I couldn't resist!
      Are you a fan now?

  3. Haha, that bridge is hilarious!


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