28 November 2013

Blog Guilt

Ok, I'm going to hold my hands up to the invisible blog inquisition and admit that the festive season merriment has overtaken the blog schedule. It's also overtaken life to the point that the cat doesn't recognise me any more, Mr Kiwi has to accompany me on walking tours in order to catch up and I'm not really sure what my home looks like in the daylight.  
The quandry is; does one write a more than usual blathery filler post, or does one concentrate ones efforts on finding a gluten free bacon sandwich and writing some stonking posts (and work on using the third person tense of 'one' less)? Well, you've kinda got both. Enjoy - it's Christmas!
In the meantime however, here are a few I prepared earlier because I love you guys;
It does mean that there are fun blog posts coming up for your lunchtime, commuting and downtime reading delectation.

Viva la Christmas/Thanksgiving/Leaving drinks/Baking Classes/Mischief! 

Oh man, I need a Timtam.

(Ps. Don't forget to enter my Christmas Expat Hamper Giveaway sponsored by the team at Seven Seas Worldwide)

Do you ever get a case of the blogging guilts?

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  1. I used to, and then I realised that I must live my life and be present to have fun things to share and blog about. Go forth and enjoy the merriment of the season! (I'm sure that's on a greeting card somewhere)

  2. I'll forgive you because of that beautiful shot of London! I am a little concerned that your cat doesn't recognise you anymore though....poor puss!!!!

  3. I do get the blogging guilts! I have a lot of posts scheduled but just can't keep up with myself lately. Deep breaths... Five more days and I'm free.


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