8 November 2013

Friday figments and fotos

We have just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary (FIVE YEARS? Where have you gone?) by tripping it back oop North to Grimsby, and visiting the 800 year old+ church where we got married. 
Lincolnshire, as flat as a pancake... a far cry from my mountainous New Zealand homeland.
We fitted in a family catch up which was lovely, just nattering and seeing how everyone is.
Whilst in the Church I came across this sign - only £10.00 to play a few tunes on their organ? SOLD!

I'm rather looking forward to the next few weeks - I've got several afternoon teas planned in the works (I'll be seeing a few of my fellow bloggees which is exciting), I've been invited to join around 50 other handselected bloggers in the John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa (the first of the silly season so far), a day of All Black fun (c'mon boys!), walks, talks and all sorts planned. I'm going to need a holiday!


  1. Grimsby is only an hour away from us! Congrats on five years! Have you ever been to the Lincoln Christmas market? It's insane.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Five years feels so great huh, we celebrated 5 years of living together at the start of the month and was so great to remember the years!

  3. Happy Anniversary ! The interior of the Church that you got married in is architecturally stunning.


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