8 November 2013

Watch out, it's almost the silly season!

It's almost the time of the year that seems so unusually special. Yes, I'm using the C-word, it's almost Christmas! (I'm allowed to use it now, it's November.) It's the time of champagne, crackers, office parties, more mince pies than you can shake a stick at, and Secret Santa presents.

I have an admission to make - I was never one for Christmas, birthdays were usually more my thing. The suspense of wrapped presents teasing me from under the Christmas tree for weeks always kills me. Since living in the UK though something has wormed it's way under my skin, maybe it's the snow and the cold (it's normally 30 degress C in New Zealand on Christmas Day and not raining if you're lucky), maybe it's the Christmas cake, maybe it's hearing the Robins chirruping in the garden, I don't know.

John Lewis has kindly invited me to participate in their Blogger Secret Santa challenge - it's going to be fun being matched up with a fellow blogger, getting to know their blog and choosing something to be sent to them as an early tiding of good cheer. As ever I'm looking forward to getting to know my sendee, and hopefully in turn my sender - whom ever they turn out to be.

I do love a secret santa - usually the ones in our office are opened at after work drinks, admist gales of laughter (and the odd joke poo that always seems to creep in). It's a curious mixture of excitement, laughter and suspense.
So, Christmas elf or Christmas grinch, and are you taking part as well?
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  1. Christmas this year for us will be in HK! I think there'd be loads of Pre-Xmas celebrations for me as I will be farewelling peeps too, but that cosiness of a warm mulled wine, a good Xmas roast and some christmas pudding does feel more appealing in a London home I agree.

  2. I really enjoy christmas as you get to chill out, do nothing, eat lots and enjoy family. It can be a bit annoying at how early the retailers get into Christmas but it's part and parcel of the last quarter of the year now.

  3. I love the cooking that is involved with the holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas) and I go all out making a full scale meal that inevitably ends up leaving enough leftovers for a week even after sending people home with plates and freezing the extra baked goodies. The rest of the typical holiday tradition like decorating or gift giving I am kind of up in the air about and could easily go with out it.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love Christmas, for me it's all about spending a good chunk of time with family and working our way through some silly traditions (and often creating new ones each year). I also really enjoy thinking about what presents to buy for people- I genuinely find giving more fun than receiving!

  5. That's a lovely idea. It's fun to think of what to give people but sometimes a surprise form someone of something that you didn't know you wanted is the best thing. Christmas is more than present giving, obviously, but this does sound great.


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