22 November 2013

Why Doctor Who?

What is it about Doctor Who that has captured the imagination of the world for 50 years (with a wee break in the middle)? Is it the space travel, the up-to-the-moment special effects, the scary monsters, the friendships, the pretty, fiery travelling companions or the exotic travel destinations that are literally out of this world? Is it because the Sci-Fi series is embued with a childlike curiosity, optimism, and love for adventure?

For me in addition to all of the above,  I think it's also the quintessential British humour dappled throughout the episodes. From Peter Davison's leek button hole (the fifth Doctor) to Donna Noble's cracking one liners (travelling companion to the tenth Doctor).

"Rose: If you're an alien, why do you sound like you come from the north?
The Doctor: Lots of planets have a north."
From what I gather, people are either lovers or haters or Doctor Who - much like Harry Potter.

Many of their adventures revolve around London. Practically and logistically it makes sense with the BBC studios being here for many years, but as London is on of the coolest cities in the world, it also makes sense. Who wouldn't want an adventure here? (refer to blog name if confussled).

There are many sets around the UK as well though;

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They have dreamed up some amazing worlds, settings and scenarios over the years it's impossible to pick a favourite. I've tried. One question that haunts me is, if you're faced with the option to travel where ever, when ever you wanted go, how do you pick?

What time period and destination would you travel forward or back to given the chance?

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  1. Haha - clicked play on the video before I realised what it was - then scrambled to stop it playing. I am trying hard to avoid all trailers & ads. spoilers!
    I would love to travel back in time to give my teenage self some advice about life and tell her to stay true to her geeky self!
    I'd love to travel a bit further back to see my parents and grandparents playing as children.
    I'd love to dance a Charleston at a 20s party.
    I'd love to help Monet plant his gardens at Giverny.
    Then I'd go visit every scientist who ever lived & assist their work for a while.
    #geekgirl ;-)

    1. It doesn't have spoilers, I promise!
      Ahhh, those are all fabulous travels!

  2. I'm working my way through Doctor Who now! It's such a fantastic show!
    I agree with you, I love the British humor!


  3. I wouldn't be able to pick - I'd want to go to the past AND the future.

    And I love British humor. I don't always understand it, but when I do it's hilarious!

    1. The companions normally get to go loads of places - normally at least a dozen. I'm not sure I'd be able to narrow it down to a dozen!

  4. I think it is about time I check out this Doctor Who series. Can you believe that I never even heard of it until a couple of years ago. I've been reading your last few posts and I can not believe that it has been around for fifty years (gosh where have I been).

  5. Hmm, I've never gotten into it, which is strange because I do like a good scifi series, maybe I should give it another go!

    hmm maybe...

  6. I'd go back to 1963 so I could start watching Doctor Who all over again!


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