2 December 2013

A Kiwi Christmas in London - the NZ Society

As an expat, holidays can be hard, let's be real. But, it can also be pretty special. I couldn't resist the lure of the NZ Society's Christmas Fair last week, and even dragged Mr Kiwi with me (it was the promise of Speight's and hot Kiwi Pies even he couldn't resist).

The view from the NZ Embassy really is breathtaking. To be able take my longtime Londoner up to the penthouse and get gasps of admiration made it really sweet.  I can't wait until the evenings are lighter and we can return to properly admire the view. 

Aside from marvelling at the novelty of hearing so many Kiwi accents, it was so nice to say hello again to all of the NZ Society members we met at the Oktoberfest - not only the lovely president and committee members, but the friendly expats who attend the events.
I also got to catch up with some of my lovely Kiwis; Ngaire, Newton & Pott, the Ziggle team and meet a few new faces. 

Oh yes, those are Feijoas and Tamarillos you see there. And yes, we're all saddos who got rather excited to see them. It's the small things in life!

Like a pie warmer, full of warm (not scalding hot) pies.

Just so you know, both Newton & Pott, and The Pie Cart are down at Broadway Market most weekends selling their delicious kiwi-inspired wares. (They have no idea I'm pimping their wares, but I feel that it's a duty to share delicious Kiwi treats in the capital.)

Highlight of the night? Everyone present belting out the Kiwi version of 12 days of Christmas. The look on Mr Kiwi's face was genuinely priceless.
And meant about 20 minutes of explanation afterwards.

Just an average wintery London evening.
[Oh, Pssst. only a few days until I stop bugging you to enter my Christmas Expat Hamper Giveaway - you don't even have to be an expat!]

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  1. Glad it was a good night! Minties... mmmmm

  2. How fun!! And I never knew Kiwi's had their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas!

  3. How fun that you were able to attend an event like this! Bet it felt great having some reminders of home

    1. I'm so lucky - it was such a fantastic evening. The reminders of home, the people, the view. Can't be beaten!

  4. I'd probably be able to tell you what five of those words in that song mean without googling them first. ;o) I love it!!!

    That is a gorgeous, gorgeous view! I'm actually enjoying the early evenings just because it's such a new experience! I can't believe that when I pick Lex up from school every day the sun has already set!

    1. My English hubby actually couldn't believe what we were singing! His face was honestly a picture!
      It's crazy isn't it!


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