26 December 2013

Boxing Day, Oh Boxing Day.

Tradition: The day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts, known as a "Christmas box", from their bosses or employers.
Modern Day:  Throwing out Recycling present boxes and wrapping paper, nursing hangovers and stomach aches with Turkey and/or Ham Sandwiches, playing games with family, watching the Football, Shopping (if you're crazy and want to queue for the Sales from 3.30am or face horrendous crowds or enjoy shopping in your PJs at home) and generally feeling sad that Christmas is done for the year. 
Favourite part of Christmas Day? Gathering for Roast Turkey & Beef, Christmas Pud, Pavlova & a lot of laughter.
Favourite memory of the Day? It's a tough split between Skyping with my Kiwi Family (Dad, Brother & Sister at various points), and toasting the Queen's Speech with my London Family.
(I'm going to be in SO much trouble for this... good thing I live 10,000+ miles away from my Dad and his camera shy Kiwi Bird.)
Favourite Photo of the day? It's the lead up. This counts, right?

Boxing Day leads to much reminiscing, and planning for the New Year.
Queen leaving hospital
Credit - Sky News
We have made so, so many wonderful memories, and started planning many exciting new things for next year. I can't wait to share them with you.

How was your Christmas? Full of everything you wished?


  1. Don't laugh, but this morning I had to Google what Boxing Day was. Canada, our next-door neighbor, even celebrates it, so I don't know why I was so oblivious. Anyways - happy Boxing Day! :o) I'm off to read how you came to be within 6 meters of the Queen....

    1. Ahhh, grasshopper, stick with me and I'll initiate you into most of the weird UK traditions. Only most though! It's the best holiday as it gives you a chance to recover from Christmas!

  2. Ha, I didn't know what Boxing Day was ... I have heard of it before (because of Canada being a mere 6 hour drive away), but I wish the US would celebrate it :)

    1. That's so weird how you're so, so different - but I guess you guys get Thanksgiving instead?
      Me too!!

  3. Your Boxing Day simple rocked girl!!! :) So much of the great food and such a lovely landscape! Wish I was there! :)

    1. It's always good fun. We start off with intentions for a busy day...!


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