31 January 2014

Friday figments and photos

This week as chez Adventures of a London Kiwi has been one that you expect of London, but don't seem to get all that often. Rain. Rain a-pouring from the heavens, umbrella wars & dodging the odd hail stone shower.
(We've also launched a monthly travel blog link up - this month's topic is your most memorable night's sleep - please join in!)
As such we have been reaching for internal delights; ones that soothe the soul and tease the palate. Taking pleasure in the small things; the refraction of streetlamps through saturated branches;
Gluten baking fails that companies have turned into marketing options (this my friends is called 'Ugly Cake');
Mischievous and rather raucous street signs;
A. Wall. Of. Tea.;
The odd sneaky burger, Kiwi tweeps chatting in a Covent Garden cave and brainstorming sessions over flat whites;
A trip through a fantastic London brewery;
And revealing my greatest invention, my baby, my Breakfast Cake.


  1. Despite all the miserable weather your month looks awesome! Or should I say delicious!!! Here's to a snowy and blue skied Feb!! xx

  2. That burger is ummmm...interesting? Why's it so tall?

    This rain. Wow. I'm ready for a sunny day!

  3. Is it weird to now be craving a burger before 11 am?!? x

  4. haha, that sign is awesome. I had a really homesick depressed day yesterday. I just wanted the sun back!

  5. I love a good cheeky restaurant or bar sign

  6. Stop making me think about that cake!

  7. Did you get to go to a working brewery? Awesome! That was on your bucket list, right?


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