30 January 2014

What is the most memorable night's sleep you've ever had? Travel Linkup

We had such fun revealing our 2014 travel wishlists, Kelly, Rebecca and I thought it may be fun to extend the travel link up to a monthly affair. A chance to stretch our typing fingers, travelling feet and wanderlust minds.

(Ps. the link up is open from the 31st Jan - 5th Feb so get writing & join in! All we ask is that you add your link & comment on a few (or all if you have the time) of the other bloggers posts! Easy squeezy!!)

 Adventures of a London Kiwi Canal Boating

This month is Kelly's hosting duties, and when she suggested we roll with the most memorable night's sleep, it got my mind whirring. What a cool way to think of your travels. The only problem; where to start?
The Good: Stratford Upon Avon, England..

We don't really roll with particularly luxurious hotels when we're travelling, as we love to stay somewhere that has a great view, good location or quirky charms. For perfect example, take our B&B on Venice's Mainland, our Parisian apartment overlooking a delectable food market or our honeymoon apartment in the South of France.

 Adventures of a London Kiwi Paris Apartment
 Overlooking the tres magnifique markets in the centre of Paris.
('Scuse the grainy images, they were taken back when the camera almost chiselled
out the photos on slate...)
Adventures of a London Kiwi Life as a Parisian
The local Parisian Framagerie. How on earth do you choose just one cheese? 
But, the best place we've ever stayed was in England. Yep, good 'ole Blighty. About 5 miles from Stratford upon Avon is one of the loveliest boutique hotels we've had the pleasure of staying at. We walked into the room, and I literally bounced with glee (much to Mr Kiwi's amusement & mickey taking for the rest of the long weekend). 
The Bad: (I don't do them) The Most Amazing: Canal Boating through England

Canal Boating Kent England Adventures of a London Kiwi

What more could you want? Transportation, storage, fantastic views, the ability to sleep in your bed or snooze in the sunshine on the roof, laughter with friends, the 'don't drink too much rule', wandering along foolishly placed gang planks in the dark, listening to the putter of the boat engine counterpointed with soft catcalls from the other end of the boat, and relaxing in the helm with a good book as the world floats past.

A Room with a View Canal Boating Adventures of a London Kiwi 

(What should have been...) The Downright Ugly: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Years and years ago, when I was a humble London bargirl fresh off the boat from New Zealand, Mr Kiwi and I decided to nip away to Edinburgh. On the long bus back from Rosslyn Chapel I was struck down by a lightening lurgy or virus. Maybe it was the cold, maybe it was sleep deprivation due to a ridiculously busy work schedule, maybe it was some kind of immune reaction to IrnBru. We will may never know.

Adventures of a London Kiwi Edinburgh Castle
I fell asleep sitting up (something that never happens), I was shivering, had flushes and all sorts. It was gross.
Forth Road Rail Bridge Edinburgh Adventures of a London Kiwi
All I do know is that Mr Kiwi and I were staying in a hostel (forgive me, it was a cheap, really, really last minute break) on single bunk beds and we ended up ordering pizza in (romantic, no?) curling together on the same mattress kitted out in almost every item of clothing I had brought. It should have been horrible, possibly the end of our new relationship and possibly our last trip together. But somehow, it was one of the best nights sleep we've ever had.

The Most Surprising: Prague, Czech Republic.
This isn't down to the clean, fantastic hostel which was hotel standard. Or the amazing breakfast spread that lasted from 7am to 1pm, filled with every conceiveable kind of food. It wasn't even the fantastic proximity to the Centre of Prague and fantastic pub around the corner serving up chilled Czech beer.
Adventures of a London Kiwi Prague
It was the American girl who complained at the end of her stay (of over a fortnight) about the beds not having duvet covers and having to supply her own blankets, despite the website confirming they did.
Adventures of a London Kiwi Prague Gehry
Turns out, her Mom had turned down her blankets for her every night of her life, and it hadn't occurred to her that she had been sleeping ON the blankets the whole time because she hadn't known to turn down the covers.
She was travelling on her own through Europe. I really, really hope she made it home again.

Our next trip? Who knows where we'll end up staying. This could work.



  1. I'd love to stay at the place you suggested next too...looks fabulous! I am looking forward to taking part. Will the link up be available still on Tuesday the 4th?

    1. It's a gorgeous stately home. Alas, without marrying one of the family, I'm not sure you can... yet...

  2. Nevermind, I just reread through the post again to make sure I didnt miss it. Sounds perfect!

  3. Ummm what the hell with the American girl!? I hope she made it home as well!

    1. It's one of the few moments of my life I have truly been rendered speechless!

  4. What the... How is it even possible to be that sheltered? In a way I'm envious - her growth experiences must have been so enriching, life must have been a constant set of revelations for her!

  5. Sounds like you're not much of a fan of hostels... only way I ever go usually! You've stayed in some interesting spots though!

    1. I really enjoy staying in hostels actually, some can be fabulous. I have been in a few doozies though!

  6. Haha I laughed at the American girl story, you should talk to Graham about his passenger stories from when he was a driver for an Overland Tour company and some of the ladies - they come very close to this American lady!

    I'm super envious of the canal boating as that's on my wish list, will be grabbing tips from you the next time I see you


  7. Very jealous of the canal boating - sounds like really good fun! And....wow. I hope the American girl got home safe with no disasters as well!

    1. It really was fabulous - can't wait to fit in the next one!

  8. I like the way you've organised it! It's hard to pick just one huh? I finally got mine up. I'll have to be more on the ball next time!

  9. I like the sound of staying on a canal boat. It's on my list :) Still can't believe the story of the American girl. So gob smacked by that!


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