20 February 2014

Berlin, Germany. #travelthursday

I love old dreams and past holidays. Maybe we forget the niggly little things, but there is something wonderful about revisiting ancient adventures - even if the details (and photos) are a little fuzzy around the edges...
Exploring the Reichstag, crowned by the  Norman Fosters extension, and the nearby Frank Gehry DZ Bank;
A memorial to the Nazi book burning, set into the pavement of the Bebelplat;
The eponymous Berlin Wall tourist photograph;
The humbling Jewish Museum, one of the most evocative buildings I think I will ever encounter.
Beautifully lit Christmas markets in the shadows of Church bells;
Stumbling upon tickets for Handels Messiah, at the Berlin Philharmonic;
Exotic synagogues;
Epic German humour;

Discovering a new obsession with crossing the road, and how hard it is to photograph traffic lights to properly capture Ampelmann. No fear, we found a whole store dedicated to this wonder;

And last but not least, Green Beer.

Pssst. Kelly, Rebecca and I are enjoying our travel linkups so much, we're having another one, and giving you a little more warning this time - from the 1st March - 7th March we'd love you to link up to our posts & share the blogging love. This month the topic is "That travelling 'pinch me' moment". The one that made you realise you were alive.  New posts, old posts - however you fancy it!

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  1. "Ampelman" - that made me laugh. There are many nice places in Germany. But I guess Berlin is a good starting point as there is much to see.

    1. There are SO many places in Germany that have me aching to explore.

  2. The traffic light man is so famous! I've been looking into trying to get a trip into Berlin possibly this year, so any tips are appreciated!

    1. Just let it envelop you - you must, must, must go to the Jewish Museum, drink green beer & wander :-)

  3. Berlin is amazing! Have you been to Berlin-Kreuzberg with all it's quirky, artsy pubs and shops? Lot's of awesome street art everywere too.
    History is so vivid in Berlin - you can feel the russian influence in former East Berlin with it's eastern europe architecture, then the monuments of the wall, the jewish monument (it has a lot of critical reception, but I think it's amazing) and so much more.
    All in all - I Love Berlin! :)

    1. It was so long ago, I'm afraid I'm not sure.
      You can almost breath the history in, can't you?

  4. Replies
    1. Me too, we must schedule a return soon!

  5. Green beer and red beer - I think they pop a shot of a liquer in. All I know it that it was scrummy. And very alcoholic...


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