9 March 2014

5 things I miss about New Zealand

I love London (as you can probably tell by my blog, which is a long, long love letter to this amazing city). Just all of it, even the pesky annoying things. Like trains.

There are inevitably a few things one misses when halfway across the world from home, even when home is an indistinctly hazy term as any long term expat will know.

1. Family & Long Time Friends
I'm very lucky to have some of my family over here, but the first question people ask me after saying "I didn't think you were from New Zealand, where's your accent??" is "What do you miss the most about New Zealand?" and without question it has to be family & my long time friends. I miss the hilly countryside, the quick access to some of the best beaches in the world and the stunning scenery, but it's family and friends that come out top of the list.

Thank goodness for video conversations. You can have a 4-way video conference cup of tea with all of your favourite people, no matter the time difference. How people used to survive with snail mail I don't know.

2. Tuis and Songbirds singing from a Kowhai Tree
There is nothing in the world like Tuis (a native New Zealand Bird) singing from a Kowhai tree outside your window, like I grew up with.

3. Spirulina Drinks
Spirulina is a blue/green algae which is meant to be really, really healthy. Full of antioxidants and other natty stuff. All I know is it tastes delicious in a smoothie with Banana and Kiwifruit, or Berries. In NZ you can pick these smoothies up from any decent cornerstore - they are almost as common as coke.

4. Spontaneous Potluck Dinners
Literally getting a call or a knock on your door, and finding a smiling friend with wine and food in hand. No plans, no organised treks across London, no worries.

5. Proper Steak & Cheese Pies sitting in a Pie Warmer
Mash and Likker are nice, but doesn't quite measure up to a proper Kiwi pie that you can hold in your hands and much on the move. What's more, you can get already hot pies in any corner store as they are kept in pie warmers on the counter. Divine.

Saying that, it is possible to make an awesome Bacon & Pie so I can't complain too much!

Expats, does it surprise you what you miss?


  1. Emma, I am totally with you! Good list - I was just talking about random bbqs and potlucks last night! I totally get this. Sending you hugs for anytime you get home sick. Oh and also, gosh I miss pies lol they are all sweet here in Texas!!

  2. Also - I love that photo of Ohope!

  3. Things I never really thought I would miss make my heart ache! Like my car ;) haha. Friends and family are of course number one!

  4. I also miss those easy no planning get togethers, we tried one here and it really did not go well!

  5. That drink sounds interesting I would def try that out if I am in ever in NZ.I am with you on missing long term friends and family, just not the same without them.

  6. I second you on number 5 - oh my, what I would do for a Mrs Macs Steak and Cheese Pie!!
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  7. Let's just take a moment to marvel at that first picture, shall we? What a beautiful place you're from! I hope to see it some day, and a drink a spirulina drink while I'm there! ;o)

    And yes, thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime!

  8. Oh yes, I loved being back recently and seeing/listening to the birds - I miss the marine life too. 14 years away, and I still miss junk food (meat pies, cream buns, proper southern cheese rolls, lollies and chips), top loading washing machines that actually clean your clothes, Otago beaches, well-stocked supermarkets (how I loathe having to shop at 3 different ones to get everything we need), and wonderful customer service as standard. Messaging and social media keep everyone close, but my Kiwi friends are now dispersed across the globe.


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