27 March 2014

Bruges, Belgium #travelthursday

Chocolate, sunshine, Colin Farrell, gingerbread buildings, turrets, canals, lace, chips & mayo and medieval cobbled streets. What more could you want from a weekend city break? 

Everyone has asked me whether we preferred Brussels or Bruges and I honestly can't say. Bruges is quaint, teeny, full of meandering streets and canals, chocolate shops and frite stores catering for your average cheesy tourist. They do also however have something called 'samurai sauce' for your frites which I'm disappointed we didn't try.

We turned up in Bruges having done no research whatsoever, and simply followed our noses (and initially the rest of the tourist off our train) down into the village mostly untouched by the modern world.

Oh, except in a few places...

The architecture was a beguiling mismatch of styles, decoration and twisty alley ways bringing you to yet another interesting building.

This building on the main square looks like it could easily house Volturi, but sadly hosts the Bruges Medieval museum which has about as much bite and interest as an orange.

Brussels is much more of a city, and takes coaxing to find the quirky delights, but seems to have something for everyone. Beer, Margritte cloud post-it notes, Invader street art, more chocolate, restaurants that just sell waffles, beautiful buildings, Peter Pan statues in hidden gardens, laughter and a Eurostar station. 

I can tell you what I did find though, my new home. Now, I only need to get it to London...

What's your favourite of the two cities?

Oh, and psst don't forget it's almost time for the monthly travel link up - this month's theme is your favourite travel - add your post to our linkup between the 1st & 7th, share a little comment love and read in wonder. I'm not sure how I'm going to pick...

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  1. I've only been to Brussels but I've heard Bruges is better. Brussels was great but there wasn't really a whole lot to do there. I really want to see Bruges.

  2. Lovely! We plan to go this summer if we can swing it!

    Restaurants that serve only waffles - fine by me! :)

  3. I would love to visit either of those cities, they both look beautiful.

  4. We went to Brussels in June and loved it, Cannot comment on Bruges but it looks beautiful. Both places make perfect weekend getaway destinations as there is not much to see or do, so you can wonder aimlessly in a relaxed manner and enjoy the delicious food on offer. The only negative is that we went when mussels were not in season and were advised by our hotel to steer clear of any establishments offering mussels as they would not be fresh or of good quality. I did enjoy a delicious steak though, and I'm not a big beefeater. Oh and the crepes, waffles, speculoos, beer were to die for! I would definitely go back.

  5. O goodness you are always using the best phrases, I like this orange one and will be using it now!

  6. We just went to Brugges last weekend but we did a ton of research. We were able to hit all of the big and recommended sites. We absolutely LOVED it.

  7. I've wanted to go to Bruges ever since seeing the film "In Bruges" which you would have thought was a poor advertisement for the city. But not in my eyes. x

  8. I liked both of them too, Bruges seemed so quaint though and unlike anywhere I'd ever been, and would love to go back.

  9. I think I liked Bruges the best :) But then again, I did visit at Christmas time and I am a sucker for some Christmas lights and markets!

  10. Omg this sounds like my ideal place. Chocolate, waffles and quaint little houses. This is definitely going on my list of places to visit.

  11. I agree, Bruges is a cutesy town and Brussels is more of a city, i enjoyed both and heck as long as they both have frites and waffles, im a happy camper :)

  12. I've only been to Bruges, so I would have to choose that! You had such gorgeous weather! It was horrible when we were there. Did you go into the Historium? I really enjoyed it. Love your photos!


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