31 March 2014

Foodie Penpals: the smokin' hot March edition

Smokin' hotter than ever after a wee break, Foodie Penpals is back in my kitchen, and when the parcel of goodies hit my doorstep, I was as excited as ever. As I ripped off the packaging, all I could think was 'what culinary delights were coming my way from Deon; fellow antipodean, melting moment fan and Food Jam author?'.
My parcel was one designed to melt away the winter blues, a medly of treats from Deon's favourite Malaysian/Chinese supermarket. And was a box it was! We enjoy curry, whatever the country of origin it may be (though Indian/Sri Lankan tends to be the one that lands on our table most of all - this may due in part to their easy phone ordering system, but I digress.) My package was most definitely well received after recently attending a Malaysian supperclub, the flavours redolent of steamy monsoon season nights whilst holidaying in Singapore many moons ago. Perfection.
We have so far used the fantastic chilli paste in a toe warming mince (pictured above), the yellow chilli in a sunny chicken curry and have plans earmarked for the rest of the mini chilli pastes over the next few weeks. The only question is where to begin...
Oh, anyone have any idea what to do with this bad boy? I'm guessing it may be mushroom stock? I'm kinda curious why hot cross buns make an appearance on the package (I kid, I kid)...

My delicious package also contained wasabi paes (lasting about 5 minutes after opening) and a pack of delicious kiwi gummy candies that I'm going to have to track down again soon as they are delicious!
Thanks so much Deon, such a delicious parcel! I hope my penpal received hers safely...


  1. Hi Emma,

    Am really pleased that you liked the box of goodies so much and am impressed with the Kiwi Fruit Gummy sweets - I wasn't sure if they would be nice or not! with regard to the stock cube, I think it is a shitake mushroom stock cube which you can use in place of vegetable or chicken stock in soups and risottos! Hope that helps! Or you could create a tom yum soup dish of sorts! I haven't used it, but plan on trying it! That red chilli paste is amazing I have to say, I generally use it now instead of tomato paste (you can even buy the powdered version of that which is just as nice!)


    1. Oh, I loved my parcel - such a fantastic medley of flavour!

  2. That is SO COOL. Your package looks super amazing! When I get a permanent address, I'm definitely going to try this out!

    1. It's pretty awesome - and it covers Europe too!

  3. Oooh yum! Everything looks delicious, especially the dish in the first picture! The kiwi gummy candy looks delightful!

  4. Now I want to dig into this dish. Easy to make and so delicious.


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