18 March 2014

It's All Good, Gwyneth Paltrow (Guest Book Review: Meg)

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, @Megdashmade and Glitter have in common? Gluten Free cooking, phenomenal photography and a cook book review on this here little blog. The lovely Meg has been kind enough to take a break from her blog Meg-Made and making pink glitter Macarons to run a review of a rather fascinating book... 

Its All Good….Mostly.

Hi, my name is Meg and I’m thrilled to be here on Adventures of a London Kiwi, although lets clear one thing up from the start, I’m not a Kiwi, I’m an Aussie (cue gasp). If I still have you, thanks for your tolerance!

Emma and I have bonded in the traditional antipodean way, through a love of food. But not just any food, we are both newly stumbling our way through London in search of good gluten free food. Not always an easy task! I know that for most gluten intolerants its often just easier to cook your own food and so I’ve been filling my Amazon trolley and bookshelves with countless GF recipe books to try out. And one of these is Gwyneth Paltrows’ Its All Good.

Let me continue my upfront honesty, I was sceptical. I didn’t support Gwyneth joining the Gluten-Free bandwagon that seems to be happening in Hollywood, so I started reading with undue levels of criticism. I scoffed at the number of profile photos of her not even cooking, and laughed at some of the ridiculous recipes included (avocado on toast….how many ways are there to do that exactly…?) but then I actually started cooking the recipes and sheepishly had to admit I had been too quick to judge.

If you are comparing Gwyneth to Gordon of course she is going to fall short, she is not a 3 star chef. But if you stop comparing the person and start comparing the food, GF apples for GF apples, it really is mostly All Good. I’ve read many a bad review of Its All Good but I have to wonder, how many of the reviewers were actually Gluten Intolerant and therefore had a different scale on which to measure things. If you are new to the food allergies scene, or if you are a veteran who simply wants some new ideas and techniques, It’s All Good is a great resource.

I wanted to actually try the recipes out before I passed anymore judgement and as someone still learning the ropes of being gluten intolerant, I was pleasantly surprised with how many of the recipes I earmarked to try. I’ve tried some drinks, salads, mains and even baked goods, and I would happily make each of them again! And as my Husband can attest to, I should really be a Food Critic by day, I am a slightly picky eater!!

My two favourite drinks (or “fresca’s” if you will) were extremely different, one wintery tonic and one fresh summer mocktail. The Fresh Ginger Tea packed quite a punch, but was so fresh and it made me feel better by just inhaling it!!

The watermelon and mint fresca took me straight back to a hot Melbourne summers’ afternoon. I liked the technique of bringing the mint to the boil and then removing it, which effectively infuses the water without allowing the mint to get bitter. Served chilled, the watermelon fresca was so refreshing I just couldn’t stop drinking it!

The one thing that I miss the most nowadays is baking. I’m finding good recipes bit by bit, and was thrilled with the Banana Date Muffins. They were light, fluffy and sweet, but yet tasted healthy enough that you didn’t feel guilty eating 2 (okay 4). And the pumpkin seeds on top added a great crunch!

But of all the recipes I have tried, my absolute favourite was the Lamb Tagine with squash and chickpeas. It was phenomenal. The method of slow cooking the lamb with a parchment paper “blanket” in the pan kept the meat so tender and moist it was pure genius. The ingredients list didn’t go on for days like a lot of other tagine recipes I’ve read with ingredients you can barely pronounce, it was just real food, cooked well, and it was DELICIOUS!

There are still so many recipes that I have earmarked to try, but am yet to cook one that I haven’t loved! If you can get past the fact that it is another Celebrity Cookbook and you use the recipes to supplement your regular diet, It's All Good is definitely, mostly, all good.
Whilst you're feeling hungry, Meg's blog is just as gorgeous, and her Etsy shop is a haven of glitter and sunshine. The only question I have is whether she makes those Confetti Tutus in adult sizes...

Meg, thank you, you're a legend and making me rather hungry. We'll just have to book some more explorations...


  1. I hadn't even thought that gluten in drinks was an issue, they do look lovely.

    1. It is surprising where it can lurk - I feel sorry for coeliacs especially.

  2. There are some good looking recipes here!!

  3. I love all the photos by ur friend in the post and like her I too would be really skeptical of a celebrity cookbook! But the lamb tagine does look yum and I am shocked to know that a drink can be an issue for a person with a gluten allergy !

  4. Nice review and the book looks very good.

  5. Great review and a VERY lovely looking book too Emma!

  6. Lovely review and photos! I was skepticl about her book, she's an actress and celebrity so I always thought that it's not a great combo for creating a cookbook ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book - it would be fun to check out.

  8. Looks like a lovely book, will look out for it in the shops.

  9. Great review, and I didn't know she'd written cookbook.
    Janie x

  10. I am such an un-fan of gwynnie's health programmes. she has a very costly diet programme ($99 a week for the supplements and programme I believe!). I guess at least this is a less expensive option

  11. You know when her first book came out a few years ago I was all braced not to like it. But when I picked up a copy it was page after page of things I genuinely wanted to eat. I'm sure her second is just as inspiring. Lovely photos in it too. And I like that Gwyneth is a true Londoner now!

  12. Really enjoyed reading this review, it makes me want to buy the book even though I'm not gluten intolerant and I'm a veggie.

  13. Some of those recipes look really good. I will keep a look out for the book and might buy it to try some myself.


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