11 April 2014

Friday figments & photos

That has to be a first -- Graffiti complete with Instagram handle. Welcome to the future everybody.
Amazing, amazing artwork though.

One rather caffeinated Saturday morning...


It's always nice to be on this one, rather than the 'Strange blogger/stalker' list...

Gorgeous London Underground uplighters at Tooting Bec.

The funkiest post-Sewing Machine Museum café this side of Balham.
"So, you guys go to a lot of museums then?"
'Well, it's mostly for the cake if we're being totally honest.'
"Oh, fair enough."

Sunday afternoon treat - Gluten Free everything!

And feel good, soul food in London Bridge. More on this shortly...
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  1. man, I missed a coffee festival?! Sounds like heaven.

  2. Those coffee pictures! I would love to attend a coffee festival!

  3. Awww...i totally missed the London Coffee Festival by a few days :( Last time was so much fun getting hopped up on caffine :) Interesting street art, I continues to amaze me what people can do. That museum cafe is cute too!


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