8 May 2014

A letter from a blogger to her blog

Dear Blog,
I love you, and  just wanted you to know this. I want to apologise for not giving you the care and attention you really deserve of late, but it's actually all your fault. In this case, it's not me, it really is you.
You have made a ridiculously awesome contribution to living here in Old Blighty - let me explain. My long-term Londoner Mr Kiwi and I had fallen into the worse habit town folk can get in to - complacency. Call it laziness, call it procrastination, call it taking a fantastic city for granted, whatever - we had fallen into a horrendous work/home/work rut. We became boring.
We bored ourselves, we bored our nearest and dearest, and we annoyed the cat because we were impinging on her favourite sofa spot in the sunshine. Then, like a bad smell follows wet dogs, homesickness crept into the little cracks in everything; work, home, understanding the downsides to being the right way up... everything thing seemed to be a struggle.
Not quite realising what was inevitably looming on the horizon, one day I accidentally began reading blogs. 'What are these things?' I would ask myself, these personal little corners of the internet. Places to rave, places to rant, places to totally geek out.
Then, after a crazily intense session of brainstorming, our relationship began. I wrote your first posts in secret, wanting to start off with a back log just in case I started with a bang, and then became inundated with life. I had no 'voice', I never counted myself as a writer in any sense, my grammar was terrible (but there again, some things haven't changed, let's be honest), my photography was bordering on ok, and my subject matter was rather pedestrian.
Two and a half years later, you seem to have a life entirely of your own. Because of you and the expectations of my 101 in 1001 goal list, we have seen Big Ben toll up close, are invited to review restaurants, run 5k races, held £400,000 of gold in my hands, have made some incredible (equally as crazy) friends, travelled to Paris for lunch, learned to read with a critical rather than voracious eye, exploring the nooks and crannies of London has becoming a treasure hunt - heck, you've even given me the confidence to embrace a new job. I think it's because: a) of the expectation of my blog readers (sup!!) and b) I've learned to Just Say Yes. Embrace the chaos.
I feel as though there are wee gaps in your posting schedule the last couple of weeks, our relationship is becoming more on & off. Call it bloggers guilt (or signs of a full-blown addiction) I just need to pay you a little more attention. My posts have been a touch sporadic as life has pulled me away from journaling life (oh the irony...) and I miss you. I miss the long hours reminiscing, I miss reading other blogs, I miss responding to comments (the thrill of 'you have xx comments' never gets old, ever) and deciding which lame jokes to sneakily try inserting into posts. I even miss the 404 errors that turn up sporadically just to keep life interesting.
Just know that once the fun has relaxed a little, I'll be back up to full speed, cranking out little gems on my little soapbox properly. 
Thank you blog for being you, you're rather special to me.
The London Kiwi.

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  1. Ahh, I'm sure your blog still loves you just as much as you love it :) x

  2. Awww, you shouldn't feel guilty. Sometimes life does just take over and before you know it, weeks (/months?) have passed. Looking forward to seeing you get back on track :-)

  3. Love this!!! Also us with bad grammar should unite and wave our flags high!

  4. You've done an amazing job with your blog so far! Sometimes it's OK to step back and let life take over :-)

  5. What a fantastic post! I loved reading this ode. My blog also changed my world, made me appreciate every minute.

  6. I couldn't help it, I'm such a blogging geek, but it's all true! It is amazing how they can really make you sit up, isn't it.

  7. Awww, thank you! I know you're right, but I don't want to let it slip I guess, especially not until the end of my 101 in 1001 challenge, where I will probably relax a little.

  8. It's still working which is a relief ;D

  9. Thanks Hayley, I think my spark dimmed a little awhile ago, but I'm not letting it win!


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